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ahmadibrahim · 33d ago

Iam not building the platform myself there is a tech firm Iam working with,Iam hopefully planning to launch in may.

ahmadibrahim · 34d ago

The concept will come like the egg and chicken concept so when there is good crowdfunded projects investors would wanna be on the project, second iam working on building my investor network before we launch to have investors ready.

ahmadibrahim · 34d ago

The idea is when you help people raise reward based crowdfunding and if they successfully do it and then that proved they have traction and therefore have pmf. And them raising their full crowdfunding amount will show and prove to investors this traction.

ahmadibrahim · 35d ago

When i say crowdfunding i mean the reward based like kickstarter

ahmadibrahim · 128d ago

Hey Daniel,

Do you think backers/funders are willing to back a startup on a crowdfunding platform just because they like the idea and without getting a package in return. And what is the best way to pursadd backers to fund a startup on a crowdfunding app?

Thank you