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How can we register to receive feedback? · 67d ago

congratulations, what would you say is the method to get to top 50 .
You have very good work ethic running all those startups. · 67d ago

This is a great service . I am glad we hope that more companies can incorporate in Delaware using Dunster! · 74d ago

this is so beautiful, i think the problem with startups right now is that vc is saturated · 96d ago

WOW Congrats. I like that you are doing well as a solo-founder. I was trying to get one co-founder on Indie Hackers but matching is really not trivial.

Most VC's always want the team built startup, this has been a dilemma for me too. · 96d ago

Thanks, I wonder also about your techcelerate ventures, it does seem like 3 and 4 are obviously dependant on 1 and 2 doing great as you said.
Experts and VC's are everywhere, what's hard to find is getting projects that scale.
I have been getting the feedback that experts are a bit hard to 'sell'.

But they serve an important part of building great software unless the founding team doesn't need any consulting.

Would like to talk ( · 99d ago

really liked this project, I am wondering if we could send you startups from our site , when we launch.