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adetiwa · 25d ago

Sure, I totally agree.
Thank you!

adetiwa · 25d ago


adetiwa · 26d ago

At the moment, manual inputs by users. We going to be scraping data from different articles and new source too

adetiwa · 26d ago

Thank you.
Using ML for predictions, analyzing danger zones based on data so users can get an idea of how best to move around areas they are not really aware of.
People are using it to report incidents happening to them and the app notifies their circle, people within a specific mile radius, and authorized agencies.
We plan to include streaming into it asap, and improve the entire functionality

adetiwa · 27d ago

Thanks, David. I appreciate it.
Yes, it can work anywhere, even now, however, we're targeting specific regions.
And it's still a new product that comes in just one language (English), so we plan to allow more languages, scale the backend and make it a lot more stable, increase the core features, add and test premium features in different locations, and officially launch in most countries we believe the app is needed.