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OK. So, some time ago I was developing a novel video-game with a friend: https://ibb.co/s1bVqsb, but we quickly ran into problems with creating a space for our community. We wanted to let the community engage with each other, but also upload game builds, post screen-shots, schedule events, etc. Discord solved some of these problems, but was terrible for 'sticky content.' It also felt overly 'private', we wanted anyone on the internet to check us out community without have to join our discord. https://comspace.xyz is a solution to the gap we felt with creating and managing internet communities.

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Interesting story Manoj! I really like how you took a data-driven approach when deciding when to close 'Furloughed Life' to start 'SkilledUp'.

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The cold-start problem. How to grow a network, when you don't already have one to co-opt.