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aasthajain · 162d ago

I've been obsessed with health for a while now because I was personally was trying to get really fit. I tried making a protein spread for myself that could substitute as dessert (using stevia) - healthy, tasty and high protein. Researching on it took me down the path of longevity science and I started experimenting on myself. I saw some amazing changes in my health, fitness, mood and wanted to share the advice with others. But longevity science can get very technical for some people so my friends would start zoning out listening to me, but I really wanted them to know the secrets too. So I decided to start writing about it in a fun manner that appeals to everyone in the form of stories & comics such that people have science-backed tools to optimize their health. I fell in love with the space of longevity science! https://livelongerworld.substack.com/

aasthajain · 162d ago

For me, adopting better lifestyle habits has been a game-changer! For example, getting proper sleep, exercising, eating clean all help with productivity and focus A LOT. Once I started changing up what I eat, my sleep etc. I got so interested in the powerful effects it was having on my focus, mood & health that I ended up digger deeper into the science, which took me down the path of longevity science, and now I write about biohacking, longevity science and reversing aging in the form of stories & comics! https://livelongerworld.substack.com/

In fact, Daniel Gross also talks about building good habits, getting sleep and taking care of health as a way to win in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH1bewTg-P4

aasthajain · 191d ago

This is a great initiative, thank you for starting! Would be great to connect with everyone. I’m @ajaasthajain