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Web3Space · 615d ago

Hi Daniel and the Pioneer Team,

About our MVP: http://dyno.to

What should our next step be,
Improving our models to get more relevant product alternatives,
or, supporting more sites other than Amazon & eBay,
or, adding new features like tracking prices & availability.

Thank you.

Web3Space · 830d ago

Thank you for your feedback, responsiveness issues, and typos fixed.

We're working on changing the landing page and removing extra redundancies and sections by the time we release our beta, the new landing page will include demo video, FAQ, blog, and will much more structured and informative.

Web3Space · 844d ago

The idea is interesting. And your landing is really cool, I like it. Superb job!

Thanks, I appreciate it.

I'm not sure if I'd trust such a website to make important purchases/searches. Whenever I need something, I go to a dedicated website

We don't sell products on our sites, with the browser extension, people will still go to their favorite site to buy a product or a service (for example: in Amazon), we will just let them know if we find a better deal in other local or global websites they already buy from and trust (eBay, BestBuy, ...), in addition to other features like price history and price changes & availability tracking.

when I decided what exactly I want to buy (in my case - it's local Ukrainian site https://hotline.ua).

An example use case for this may be, you want to purchase a PS4 and you are browsing Amazon to check options and prices, when you enter to view a specific product, we will give you a notification that we found a better deal where you save $30 In "hotline.ua" for the same PS4 you are viewing right now in Amazon.
These alternative suggestions will include local and global websites that already ship to your selected country and based on your selections and favorites.

Web3Space · 844d ago

Awesome idea, we will definitely work on it, thanks.

Web3Space · 844d ago

Thank you for your feedback.

"Your Gateway To ...." - that wasn't very clear to me. Seems like subtitle is much more meaningful.

This title serves as a technique to grab attention and inform the visitors of the variety of verticals that we support, we tried to explain this title in better details further down the landing page.

That image in the "Browser Extension" is to small. Those arrows are pointing to something but I can't see what.

We are working on replacing it with a video at the moment, it should be more clear.

In "Save & Discover" section, it would be good to add some explanations to those boxes. "Save Time" - ok, cool. But how?

For sure yes, we will add them.

I like the general style :)


I don't think I had that problem I can't remember any situation when I was keeping track of price changes (maybe stocks if that counts).

It depends on the vertical, perhaps flights & hotels more than products, also purchasing habits and limited budget in some cases, it differs for everyone for sure. This feature mainly complements the rest from price history, availability alerts, and alternatives suggestions, even if most people would not use it, there are definitely some cases where it's needed.

I remember that she tried many times to buy some hand-made dress from the online shop and they had limited supplies. She was checking their websites multiple times a day to check if it's in stock.

Exactly, this is what we are trying to solve. Save time, effort, and money.

Web3Space · 844d ago

Great idea, It's somewhat similar to what Google Lens does, will definitely look further into it, thank you.

Web3Space · 844d ago

Great to hear that,
Your choice of the business model based on "pay on hire" is great and definitely appealing to new users.
Your value proposition compared to other solutions is clear and convinced me of your product.
Your goals and roadmap make sense, I'm looking forward to seeing further updates, amazing work.
Best of luck.

Web3Space · 847d ago

Awesome tool, I can see the value for medium to large companies who hire regularly.
Your landing page is great, the layout is nice, value prop is clear & "How does it work?" section replaces the need for a video I believe. Perhaps a 1-min video (like this: https://youtu.be/jgj0mbRfBRk) may be helpful in marketing.

• Setting up standard prizes and examples of incentives for employers to choose and edit from and get ideas, (ex: $200 each for both employee & referral when chosen, ...)
• Adding custom fields in addition to "Name, Position, Email, LinkedIn" where employers can set their own fields for employers to submit (ex: Why do you think we should hire this person?)
• Adding a hire list, where employers submit vacant positions to it and the list shows up in "#referral-engine" channel. This allows employees to know which kind of referral and position needed by the company and help them submit more relevant referrals info.

• What is your business model? do you plan to add a free version along with paid subscription packages?
• I've seen some competitors with a more complete solution and many extra features (https://explore.drafted.us/slack) & (https://www.teamable.com/slack-integration), how do you plan to compete with them? and what is your main value proposition that you have in comparison?
• What is your roadmap look like now? do you plan to reach more companies next or add extra features & tools?

Web3Space · 844d ago

I see you liked our frontier post format
Your pricing of $10 per camera is not very compelling, perhaps trying other business models based on the number of alerts or detectors may turn out better I believe, best of luck.

Web3Space · 847d ago

Awesome idea and great implementation, I could see a lot of potential coming out of this, best of luck.

In your first impression, do you feel this tool would be more useful for designers or developers?
I see this app as a builder tool, not a design or development tool directly. Which makes it suitable for both designers & developers or anyone else for that matter. However, for its current features, I don't see that much value for developers as they can directly code with more flexibility and without limitations.

• I've tested the app on an iPad which showed me an iPhone view, for an app such as yours, it's better to make it compatible with iPads for both building & testing.
• If possible, adding the option to export to "React Native & Flutter".
• If the export to "React Native" option available, I suggest adding (https://akveo.github.io/react-native-ui-kitten) components in your builder tools, there is a similar solution for the same components for Angular web apps (https://uibakery.io), it would be amazing to see similar service but for mobile with UI Kittens.
• As mentioned by "mlejva" earlier, pre-built responsive templates are the way to go. The ability to enter the app and see dozens of ready templates in various categories ready to be edited, tested & exported is a powerful thing in my opinion Perhaps consider using UI Kittens when creating the templates )
• In addition to full templates, blocks can be very useful like signup, blog, shop, ...etc. Here are some sites for inspiration & ideas: (https://www.glideapps.com/templates), (https://www.adalo.com/showcase), (https://www.apprat.io/features.php) & (https://www.appypie.com/mobile-app-cms)
• Certain components, templates, blocks and perhaps the option to export to "React Native or Flutter" can be in your paid version of the app, which will definitely get you more subscription and improve your retention rate.

• In comparison to other solutions (for example: design in Adobe XD and use "https://supernova.io" to convert it to iOS, Android, React Native or Flutter code), Why should use I your app instead?
• Are you planning to release an Android version soon? or just focus and stay on iOS?
• What does "Acryl" mean?