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WatanabeNaoki · 193d ago

Nice option. I would choose this one definately. I assume $20k a living expense to stay in the world's most expensive city for a month! I wish to live there one day.

WatanabeNaoki · 195d ago

Interesting messaging app. I have considered the same question and I agree with you. My answer is "consumer needs is usually shallow and wide".

WatanabeNaoki · 198d ago

Thank you for great comments! Happy to talk to you! For now it is free. I had an idea to monetize as freemium model (10k chars free /month and $40/1,000,000 chars), but now focusing on getting users to improve the product. You are right. Episodes cannot be removed for now. I'll add an delete button this week. Where's your blog? I'll convert them all. Thank you for wordpress plugin idea!

WatanabeNaoki · 198d ago

Thank you so much. I'm happy to hear that. Would it be possible to pickup a slot next week?

WatanabeNaoki · 200d ago

Turn your reading list into podcasts to stay productive.
If you were me, what would you do as the most priority? Situations:
- Launched a few times on YC SUS, subreddit, and some other communities. Struggling to find potential users or people to interview. I'm going to test many channels.
- 1-2 WAU (who converts at least one text into an audio a week). I've observed handful signups that don't come back. I've just sent an email to them for feedback.
- I'm a solo founder and willing to immigrate to the states, but don't know how to.
- Some people complaint about the machine (GCP Text-to-speech) generated audio quality, but I will not train my own TTS model.
I made a test account for this event (email: test@test.com, PW: testtest). Thank you for organizing a great event.

Edited: fix a password typo

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WatanabeNaoki · 259d ago

Ah, d'accord. Oui je suis japonais. J'étudie et parle français. Merci de m'avoir suivi. #7 sur Pioneer depuis 4 semaines? C'est superb.

WatanabeNaoki · 259d ago

Are you from France? Je vous ai suivi.

WatanabeNaoki · 329d ago

It took me 2h for 20 companies as well.