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Vi · 603d ago

Totally! I'll be sending a survey for meeting logistics and Sam will relay the info to everyone interested.

Vi · 624d ago

Of course! :)

Vi · 625d ago

Thanks for sharing!

Vi · 625d ago

Will do! :)

Vi · 603d ago

You're awesome, Lorenzo! This is great, actionable advice. Thank you for taking the time to write this out. Your insight is always appreciated.

Vi · 614d ago

Agree that we can't force players to give actionable feedback. It's understandable that some people do what's most convenient. Feedback is obviously incentivized--I just wonder if it makes sense to give as many points for an unhelpful comment. Also curious to know if downvoting feedback would help quality control or if it would deter people from commenting.

Thanks for the PG post! Huge fan of his and this was a great read.

Vi · 615d ago

I know this is a thread about top feedback but can we discuss unhelpful ones? One of my comments just said "improve your website" and another was just a repeat copy and paste of a blog post from a previous week. The majority of feedback is just "nice work" which is understandable when you don't have much else to say.

Sometimes, it feels a little frustrating when I spend time reading project descriptions and looking at websites to write thoughtful responses only to see several non-actionable comments in return.

Giving feedback is taxing in addition to everything else a founder is doing. I realize that many people are looking to rise the ranks by submitting fast responses. However, I wonder how we can improve the ratio of quality feedback to time invested. I would love to help those who actually want help and who also want to help others.

Vi · 618d ago

Understandable. By the way, the test is often referred to as the Big 5 or OCEAN:

The "Work success" section might show you why Pioneer chose to include this test.

Vi · 620d ago

I'm also tech oriented but my background is in psychology/neuroscience. I like the tests and it's optional to take them. I can understand why you might dislike them or think it's relevant. Just don't take the tests?