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Shared by fant · 711d ago · 2 comments
Vasek · 711d ago

Hey Dave, I saw the loom video you shared and it's pretty cool!

The more I learn about terminals the harder it is for me to see how existing terminals can be made more visual.

This is the same conclusion we came to. We realized that if we want to offer a full terminal experience and also make it 10x better we would have to build a completely new terminal from the ground up.

I like the basic idea of what Fasterminal is. Maybe there is a way how you don't have to be so dependant?

Vasek · 718d ago

Jackson, could you go again to and hit cmd+shift+r to reload the landing page? It seems to be working ok on our side. Maybe it's cached.

Vasek · 725d ago

Thanks! Yes we did:)

Would you like to try out our beta? If so, let me know your email and I'll contact you.

Vasek · 773d ago

I built a website called (it seems to be still operating but kind of neglected) in a single evening, got on the front page of /r/CryptoCurrency (1M subscribers), got featured on the front page of Product Hunt a few days later, and sold it for a few thousand bucks another week after that.

Took me just a few hours to build and cost me zero dollars because it was all served from the AWS S3 bucket.

Vasek · 781d ago

1. Pretty clear
2. Not really. Maybe if you changed to something like "We make founders 10x more productive in X weeks through remote coaching".

Vasek · 783d ago

For me, definitely Pioneer.

I didn't really have proper access to the internet before high school. During high school, it was DnD groups (real life), World of Warcraft guilds, and I made a small community in my school with a goal to learn programming and build games. This is actually how my co-founder and I really clicked together. We had regular meetings in one of our houses to watch Python lectures from Stanford to learn to code.

Vasek · 827d ago

Hi Daniel, we're working on Foundry ( Foundry lets you develop your backend in a copy of your production environment with 1-click.

- We’ve been manually onboarding our users over Zoom by helping them to set up Foundry in their project. It’s working, we are getting new users one by one but it's very time consuming and it feels very slow. Is it normal with tools like ours (developer tools) to feel like this or are we just moving slow? By following the current process, we have a great understanding of our users' use cases. The downside is that we have feedback, not from hundreds of different developers but just from lower tens.

- We have 2 types of users - (1) developers that are starting new projects that want to use Foundry and (2) developers with existing projects that would like to implement Foundry into their project. Onboarding the first type of user is pretty straightforward. Onboarding the second type is much more manual work from our side and we often have to develop new features to be able to handle their use case. The upside is that teams with existing projects are more likely to switch to a premium tier. The process of finding potential users is different for both types. Should we stay focused on both types or only on one of them?

Thank you!

Vasek · 835d ago

- How clear is the landing page?
I'm not 100% sure what the product is. Is that some kind of collaboration software? From "Communicate like sitting together" I thought it's some kind of conferencing software until I saw that phone image. Design mockups of the product would make that much clearer for me.

- We have this product tradeoff between focusing on updating company knowledge or distributing company knowledge. Out of the 2, which one is more of a pain point for you? Outdated company knowledge, or the lack of distribution of such?
Updating. We are a small team of 2 though.

- Can you please give us feedback on our copy? What can you think of that is better than "communicate like sitting together"?
"Communicate" evokes an audio/video conferencing tool for me. Maybe use something like "share knowledge" instead? Share company knowledge?

- If you are interested in trying us out, please sign up!
Happy to try it out but I'm still not sure what is the actual product. We aren't a remote team though.