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Unfair.ltd · 12d ago

This seems like a crypto ponzi scheme. Pioneer really need to add a flag feature for posts.

Unfair.ltd · 12d ago

On Sundays, I review my week coming up. During the week, any tasks that I don't think are a priority get punted to Sunday for review. My co-founder and I then have a call Sunday evening to align on our progress + the coming week's top priorities.

Agree though – whether you publish on Twitter or elsewhere, there's a lot of value in building external accountability.

Unfair.ltd · 40d ago

Wednesday is the best day I think. it takes into account voting for the best feedback.

Unfair.ltd · 45d ago
Unfair.ltd · 45d ago

nice work

Unfair.ltd · 44d ago


it's kind of like myspace and github had a baby

Unfair.ltd · 46d ago

+1 on Glide. Bubble seems better for B2B cases. Glitch has never made sense to me.

Unfair.ltd · 45d ago

3) weekly focus and execution

Unfair.ltd · 46d ago

1. deep sleep -> I aim for 7.5 hours of sleep, but if I get 2hrs of deep sleep during a 6hr sleep period, I feel great
2. daily movement -> at least 30 mins running/walking, gives me a canvas for thoughts
3. supplements -> choline, vitamin D, and omega 3, especially if I'm going to be inside for 16+ hours
4. breathwork -> 2 mins a day for some calm
5. fluids -> coffee in the morning, green tea throughout the day (L-theanine source), a lot of water
6. minimize pendulum swing -> if you're getting quality sleep, nutrition, and activity, you don't need energy drinks, modafinil, etc

1. removing excuses -> you either ship or you don't
2. working in the public -> accountability is a strong push
3. weekly goals -> consistently hitting 80% of execution is a massive lever for progress
4. bias for action -> have an idea? start the first draft now and iterate
5. daily goal -> what's the ONE important thing I need to do today?
6. daily reflection -> was I better today than yesterday? what am I grateful for?
7. weekly reflection -> how did my weekly execution align with my long-term goals?

1. rescuetime -> bring awareness to where you're really spending your time
2. limit social -> I haven't used FB and IG for years, but still get trapped in twitter / youtube
3. fewer productivity tools -> I do almost everything in dropbox + notion these days
4. Saturday cleanup -> take an hour to clean your boards, backlogs, desktop, notion pages, etc

notion setup (see screenshot https://bit.ly/2XlNoaY)
1. PARA model -> projects (active initiatives), areas (of responsibility, ie product/engineering), resources (culture, hiring), archives (the trash bin where you actively dump the no longer relevant stuff during a Saturday cleanup)
2. ideas backlog -> a place I can quickly write, tag, and backlog the random ideas that come up during the day (they have a home, I feel good, and I can get focused again)
3. resonance backlog -> fight infinite browser tabs by tagging and cataloging interesting finds with save to notion

most of everything I've done is to 1) bring awareness to where I am actually spending my time, 2) minimize distractions, and 3) maximize short-term memory (mine is shit). I find shipping and flow states to be incredibly addictive.

I personally hate notion's offline capabilities, if anyone knows a good hack to cache more, I would love to hear about it.

Unfair.ltd · 61d ago

Cool idea, would be even better to view the services submitted so far