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ShaneDevane · 22d ago

I've heard good things about and will be using them once US TAX number gets resolved. As mentioned SVB is for larger companies, but if you are at that level then it might be preferable to use SVB.

ShaneDevane · 22d ago

+1, also just to note, investors invest in timing too

ShaneDevane · 25d ago

you can try looking into slicing the pie - it's variable equity sharing that becomes fixed when people take salaries (eg. after a seed series). The concept is working for us, but the practicalities of tracking people's time isn't (but that's just us).

ShaneDevane · 29d ago

Short answer. Yes. I believe the same as you. Ie. Its a feckin waste of my time (and the last 10 questions are). But it tests for abstract thinking. Ie. The ability to connect things that might work in one market that might work in another and if someone can focus for 40 mins (I cannot). Its a valid test. HOWEVER, its also bs because they could "pioneer" a test using AI to validate if someone can do a customer phonr interview or do a video interview with a customer instead. In short. Its valid. Its an experiment. They will do something better later.

ShaneDevane · 42d ago

sweet thank you I will take a look at both

ShaneDevane · 42d ago

nice. I'll take a look. Thanks.

ShaneDevane · 57d ago

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