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Sendoff · 1d ago

That's exactly the strategy: mental real estate, one user at a time. Agreed, it will take a few years. Marketplaces take between 5-8 to take off and we've factored that while trying what we can to shortcut "time to significance".

Sendoff · 2d ago

Agreed; that is all necessary and we're doing all of it. I'm talking about diving much deeper into into it. So i.e at a high level ours is:

Owning SERPs
Referrals from partners
Top of mind positioning for the category (branding)
10X better and cheaper? (struggling with cheaper)
Increasing engagement frequency

But within each of these, there are multiple channels, tactics, kpi's etc. For owning SERPs it is content, site tech (speed, onsite seo, layouts, domain age +>200 other factors). I'm at the point now where I want to drill down into each of these and get them clear in my head, then be able to articulate each one for investors and internal team or partners. A (good) tool would seriously help.

I agree I'm making things complicated but we absolutely don't have a "shut up and take my money" product (see Daniel's microexpression when he 1st heard what we do in the latest feedback session, it's hilarious) and we don't have millions of $ so we have to win on strategy and tactics.

Sendoff · 2d ago

The thing is that the idea looks good and has merit if it were just what was advertised on the front page. I'm working on GTM right now and it isn't a simple one pager, there isn't a lot of great, targeted info and I could use a tool to help me drill it down.

Especially if I can get a few months free to see if it can pay it's own way....... So this is disappointing.

Sendoff · 2d ago

a quick search on reliable sites like medium will sort that out if you don't have the background.

Sendoff · 2d ago

:) you're on a roll mate. We're actually working on a panic button for "when its too much" and I wish I coulda hit it.

Nah, I don't really take it so seriously but I do value my time. That is 1.5 minutes of my life. I'm never ever getting that 1.5 minutes back. And it is actually more like 5 when I check out the website and read through the oh so crappy update.

I suppose I'm also pretty high strung right now, usually I'd be like "whatever" and move on.

Sendoff · 2d ago

Location is key...if the desert is Dubai.....

We have a load of whiney wantrepreneurs who get butthurt when their idea (usually nothing more) or atrocioous 1st build is critiqued, rant at you and go away to sulk.

I really do try to make sure that even my negative feedback is honest and constructive but these specific updates....I just couldn't I actually asked the one guy why he was wasting everyone's time and it wasn't my finest moment.

100%, Honest feedback is what most of us who aren't seduced by the 20K are here for. It is how we can improve.

Sendoff · 3d ago

last couple of weeks they've been greyed out.

Sendoff · 2d ago

I see web 3 right now as technologies looking for a use case. Very much like early internet. I'm not suggesting it won't evolve and find the appropriate tech and case matches because it will.

I think if you can solve the points we've already mentioned at scale then you're on to something:

Caps are emphasis not screaming:

- Easy and verifiable reasons for artists to adopt the platform. In real fiat terms and comparable revenues/profits to streaming from an economic perspective

- Easy, painkilling value prop for users. Why should I change the way I purchase/consume content to this? what is in it for ME as the user? How do I realize that benefit

- How do users avoid the complexity arounnd minting, storing and accessing their NFT's and how do they interact with them.

- Ownership of the underlying data/content/song/whatsit/ and NOT just a receipt (NFT) saying I own this thing.

- Getting past the mainstream view that web3 and related items are a massive scam. There is a real "Nigerian prince" issue here. I mean if you were an actual Nigerian prince (they exist) I can't imagine your life. Could you even order a starbucks? Name? You sure?

- I think you're also trying to square an unsquarable circle here: an NFT is by definition valuable only in that it is rare/unique (veblen good) so logically (to my mind and it IS late here), you can't make a mass product out of these or they're not, in fact rare. And they're not even unique. I could use another chain to create the exact same NFT and even within the web3 space there is no "one chain to bind them".

So unless/until the NFT IS the asset (thats why a ticket or a degree works) it falls down completely from a business model perspective.

Thats enough to solve. and if you do it can I be employee #early

Sendoff · 2d ago

Millitokens! Dibs on naming rights..or maybe i should mint that

Sendoff · 3d ago

"the mission of the project is to provide a safety net from the highly volatile market"

You're saying this now? With a straight face?

I think this is more accurate:

"liquidate their cryptocurrency"

but maybe it should be into thin air.