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Sandy-ONeill · 340d ago

This would be incredible if true.

I did wonder if there was a much deeper tale of abusive behaviour hidden behind the comment they deleted millions of messages using our API, leaving only 1 message in the channel. This sounds a lot like someone using free Discord chat services as an unofficial database backend.

Thanks for those links!!

Sandy-ONeill · 354d ago

Yeah and clearly it's not a negative, otherwise a company like Netflix wouldn't be doing it, either.

Sandy-ONeill · 353d ago

Interesting business! So how will you generate revenue? Is it essentially "pay us for an Amazon / Netflix clone"? Have you found any buyers yet?

Sandy-ONeill · 363d ago

I'm also super curious about this... I'm nowhere near, but would be interesting to know the moment Pioneers started to feel that PMF level.

Sandy-ONeill · 370d ago

If I remember correctly from last time checking, WeFunder takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks, start to finish. I say that with 50% confidence, though. They have extensive FAQs.

The odd thing about their service is they take 7% cut of the round. Which to me seems massive.

Sandy-ONeill · 372d ago

Books, for me, do the trick. More so than videos or articles.

My all-time favorite is Shoe Dog, Phil Knight + Nike story.

Sandy-ONeill · 417d ago

Something we don't talk about often enough in startups is when grind, missed deadlines & broken promises take a major toll on our loved ones. It's easier to excuse ourselves, knowing how much technical work has been achieved, or the reasons behind yet another slipped month. To an outsider, it's a lot harder to have faith when nothing much seems to change.

This is super true. Well said.

Sandy-ONeill · 421d ago

Small typo! "Share your work instantely." => "instantly"

This is a really strong landing page. Love the animations and 3D models. Where did you find (or how did you build) those?

Sandy-ONeill · 424d ago

What's the nature of the tool? Is it for video? cards? Anything? Sounds interesting

Sandy-ONeill · 470d ago

These are great, Esteban, thanks!