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Sandy-ONeill · 12d ago

These are great, Esteban, thanks!

Sandy-ONeill · 14d ago

Hmmm me at 10... Well, I think I'd want more cool animation around the YouTube video, more colorful moving buttons and less text.

Love the video itself! Cool product.

Sandy-ONeill · 35d ago

Any suggestions on resources to learn more about CRISPR? Would love to learn more.

Sandy-ONeill · 40d ago

Is this a story about your startup?

Sandy-ONeill · 57d ago

This is great. Bit of an academic approach at times (granted, it's a presentation at GSB), but nice!

Sandy-ONeill · 61d ago

Have you tried attempting an entirely new application? I wonder if it's a system reboot situation where wires are crossed on their end. They seem to be hung up on the Business name being your actual name bit..