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Samyak · 6d ago

Wow. Looks great. Will definitely create a account on your project. How long have you been working on it.

Samyak · 14d ago

Look for communities that are niched based on the product you are trying to sell. Most good communities can be found on reddit. Just write whatever your product is about on those communities, engage there and ask if they would like to try your product.

Fintech has a lot of potential. Offer monetary incentive to people who are intersted in finanance.

Samyak · 15d ago

Well currently we are in Private beta. So, that is why we have a waiting list. So, that we get the feedback that could help with bugs and optimization.

Here are some blogs that your could see:

Samyak · 28d ago

Thanks a lot. I'll join

Samyak · 32d ago

Let me know if you want me to add anything else. I'm @Samyakr_ at twitter.

Samyak · 32d ago

You're welcome

Samyak · 32d ago

Thank you for reading it. I hope this can somehow help your project

Samyak · 32d ago

Thanks a lot. It's an article from 2012 and still the most common problem. Thanks. I learned a lot.

Samyak · 33d ago

Both. They are both important. Customers helps to make the platform better. Investors help to scale with funds.