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Sal · 2d ago

Sheesh! :) Agree with most of this. Would also be curious about that stripped down version.

Main points of agreement with sole, 1) it's way too hectic (just choose one background and don't make it a picture) and 2) too much text. I bet you could pull this off using 40% of the current amount of text (I don't really want to imagine Jess unless Jess is real).

Awesome work!

Sal · 4d ago

True hah. Definitely more of an "I'm about to give up" vibe. Good question, though. Liking these answers. Taking a few myself :)

Sal · 4d ago

"The cowards never started... And the weak died along the way–that leaves us." - Phil Knight from Shoe Dog

Sal · 4d ago

Oh. Okay. Wow. Rabbit holing on "Adolfo Cambiaso".

Sal · 4d ago

On the one hand, I like the idea of minor/major leagues. There's good reason why that construction is a reality in every sporting league in the world. But I wonder if more teams would fall off and quit without that weekly carrot of being "so close, yet so far"? Maybe wrong about that -- could be the exact opposite.

Another reason why I wouldn't want to have two leagues is... Pioneers playing only against Pioneers makes for a less vibrant feedback system overall. I much prefer to be reviewed by / review a Pioneer. Raises my game. And if I'm reviewing them / getting reviewed by them, then I sure as hell want to be ranked beside them.

Sal · 4d ago

Your Mirr tech is cool as hell. Think I saw something recently that was a smart mirror with workout exercises built in. What is your main (specific) use case? People getting ready who want to keep watching videos (I make this assumption based on the demo)?

Regardless of precedence in the Tournament, if you're making something that people are using, then you have a good chance of being "Pioneered". And if they don't Pioneer you, then someone else will. How are usage and revenue?

Sal · 4d ago

Hey! Lots of thoughts on this.

Have you done any successful trials of the product? What does it look like? I didn't get a sense from looking at your landing page. Feels like this is a fundamentally new product, so outlining how it works and why it's safe would be great.

Re your response to Manjoranaweera's question – "Because what we are doing is all publicly available information" – where is this information? As far as I know, billboards don't track info. I can see them potentially tracking in aggregate, but definitely not on the individual. That's my assumption, anyway. Could be wrong.

Structurally, I don't get how this is an attractive offer for a company. Why would someone use a billboard, which is meant to attract many passing eyes at once, to appeal to an individual? It would make more sense for you to be a company that gathers data in aggregate on the type of person who sees a billboard sign, then to sell ad space to companies for whom that customer segment makes sense.

Also, your landing page is hard to understand. Use simpler words. People will leave a page immediately if they don't get it in a second. Would prefer it to read something like "Smart Billboards" // "We use computer vision to personalize ads to people passing by."

Good luck!

Sal · 4d ago

Cool, thanks!

Sal · 4d ago

Who are your upcoming special guests? Would be super cool to see upcoming folks.

And what is the criteria? Where is the bar? I go to the "suggest" tab, but not sure if my suggestions are worth it. One of my friends was a Chess World Champion.