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Sal · 11d ago

Impressed with the discipline. Definitely a point of weakness.

Feel like discipline is learned by pressure. Maybe just haven't optimized the cooker in the right ways.

Sal · 12d ago

Love this answer. +1!

Sal · 15d ago

Agreed! I also thought the "Behave like a leader" point is a bit vague / less practical. Leaders come in so many, many, many shapes and forms. And isn't the objective of the article to find out what makes a successful leader? So this point is a bit inverted/redundant.

Otherwise, awesome. +1 on wanting to read the transcript :)

Sal · 15d ago

One of the more actually useful threads of information to come from Twitter. Thanks for sharing!

Sal · 17d ago

Who is the target audience here?

Sal · 17d ago

This looks interesting. What was the impetus to start this podcast and do you expect to do this long term? Seems the podcast space is becoming purely a survivor's market.

Also, is there a link we could check out to the podcast itself? Cheers!

Sal · 33d ago

Oh wow haha. This is incredible. Didn't immediately know what you were were working, so hilarious first impression.

Sal · 33d ago

I know another Pioneer was at one point working on something similar. A note-taking app. Might be worth reaching out to see what they've learned- -