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Why should I be banned? Can't you just scroll on? · 483d ago

Not sure I understand. I used to get bogged down with lofty SM goals just to get burned out. I found a simple framework in this book that is helping me execute and leverage my time. · 484d ago

I'm going through the workbook in the box set and it is like going through a workout plan. Totally worth the upsell. · 484d ago

I like frameworks. For top of the funnel activities, I've found the recent book Traffic Secrets to be helpful. Here's a link to the book's site: · 500d ago

Please speculate.

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Write them down somewhere you can revisit them so you don't need to keep thinking about them. The focus on the current idea now. Later if you have the time, start a new project. · 508d ago

That would make things quicker and give me more time to work on my work rather than navigating to and fro. I love it! · 508d ago

I thought that space is highly regulated. Have y’all thought about regulations for lending? · 508d ago

I think it depends on the terms of the loan. Is there a credit check, etc? What if you deny the applicant funds due to circumstances? Would you refund the fees?