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So, yeah, engage the content as it was written.

Also, I am not sure how you could deduce that it was for a broader common population. Or that it's for a specific group of capable/responsible individuals.

There are people out there looking for answers and with this coming from an prime platform like Pioneer, be sure people will take the answer as it is.

If something is or for a specific crowd, let that thought be known. · 103d ago

This quote here will send you on a wild goose chase:

Do not commit to an idea full-time simply because you "find yourself thinking about it in the shower", seriously. · 126d ago

Thanks guys! · 144d ago

Yeah, something around that time. Mine got approved is 24hrs. · 145d ago

Makes sense. Thanks for sharing. · 145d ago

Okay, will wait for 20hrs and see what happens.

Have you finalized with a co-founder yet? · 145d ago

Hey, that's good for you.

How long did it take to get your profile verified? · 147d ago

May you want to decipher the word 'story' and be more specific on what you want to know.

Your initial question was answered, and you came back with, "You just cannot move to the US to launch your startup." and the help I got here is so I can move to the U.S. and startup.

It does not appear that anyone here was trying to be unhelpful to me because none is.

I understand and hope you have the purposes to help, so that isn't overlooked; thank you. · 147d ago

Those who don't know should ask!

Think about this: what will be the point of asking if I know the process? If I were bored, I'd be on Twitter.

Between, I ask for general thoughts, nothing specific, and people offer distinguished ideas, visa included. Again, please re-read the comments; this time, count how many people were as unhelpful.

I just got plugged with two lawyers already, and now I know about the visa process. So I'm way more immeasurable than I was before asking.

Forget about my story, and it is irrelevant when we have a topic to guide the conversation. · 147d ago

From reading the synopsis of your issue, I think you already know what to do.

My opinion will be to find another name. Yeah, I get name matters, but the amount of work we put into it sometimes isn't deserving.

Check this out, what on earth does TikTok means? The closest is it sounds like a vintage clock to me, at least in English. But video-sharing definitely doesn't come to mind when I hear the work TikTok.

How about Zoom? A lens or camera company comes to mind more than a video calling application.

All that to say, the value or services you provide should take pre-eminence.

Good luck and please let us know what you decide at the end.