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OliverOxenham · 165d ago

Perseverance pays. Has becoming a Pioneer changed your course of action?

OliverOxenham · 167d ago

Ah! Thanks for sharing. It’s the same for us and we don’t expect much until we can show real traction.

OliverOxenham · 167d ago

No I did not kill them because of that. Just did not have the energy to pursue them.
Yes shopprBot is the focus now. Pioneer helps us stay focus and gives us momentum.

OliverOxenham · 167d ago

Just out of curiosity... Do you know what's missing for you to make it to Pioneer status?

OliverOxenham · 167d ago

Pioneer was different back then as in it was not an "infinite tournament". We had to get into the top 30 before a certain time and that was hard. Obviously my two previous products did not make it. I was building a no-code website builder for developers. However I did not get enough traction and had to kill the idea. I see some current candidates doing really well with similar ideas now - much better execution than I did. But always learning :)

OliverOxenham · 167d ago

I joined Pioneer three times since 2018 with three different products :)

OliverOxenham · 195d ago

Just curious... How is "On the rise" calculated?

OliverOxenham · 196d ago

I build my websites on Tilda.cc
https comes for free. Try it!