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Nicholas · 455d ago

Indigogo has a great support structure and getting started guide.

Nicholas · 525d ago

I think this is so valuable, having a group that is loosely holding you accountable seems to really work psychologically.

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Nicholas · 550d ago

Thanks, I think we can give like 20% to 30% of the hardware cost as a referral fee to people who install and sell our products. Referrals could be like $20 per unit or something. Selling to people with so much uncertainty takes a lot more work but the rewards are greater.

Nicholas · 552d ago

Really depends on your goals, market, competition, and value proportion. In my opinion, I'd rather have more margin making more money per sale (IE work). Most businesses push costs to gain more customers, ECON 101 cost vs demand curve, and therefore end up having to compete with Wall-Mart, Amazon, etc who move volume at scale for lower margins. Then you have outliers like Apple and Google who hold large margins while still creating volume in a walled market. Apple makes more money per sale but prices out a large % of the population compared to say dell or Samsung. So there you have it, it's economics, there is no one answer fits all here.

Nicholas · 552d ago

I love ghost, I'd double down on this, you can use Digital ocean to create a $10/month droplet in like 5 minutes and set up a blog quickly.