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NFT-gal · 33d ago

I agree to an extent. The social component is irreplaceable. I imagine a hybrid future for education where colleges offer on and offline classes. An the school is designed to support the best teachers.

It'd be nice for the best professors to record all their lectures when they're at peak vitality and make them freely available to all those enrolled. More video archiving! Then you could have TA-types who are stewards of the material.

NFT-gal · 33d ago

What do you think of the marriage between education and the Internet as a whole? I agree, this site does seem to be a real syzygy between form and content. I wonder where else the idea is easily applied.

NFT-gal · 35d ago

NFT’s are more popular than ever before...

Actually they're way down. Back to what they were at the start of 2021. Like more than 10x down from peak.

But otherwise, thorough stuff!

NFT-gal · 36d ago

What do you think about the total loss of value of NFTs in the last 3 months? (Sad as I am about this.)

NFT-gal · 36d ago

Thanks for that article!

We're still early. But the flywheel on social has started, and I don't want to give that aspect up. :/

NFT-gal · 36d ago

Loaded question :)

One of the main issues I'm facing right now as a solo founder is maintaining multiple social channels well. Content takes a long time and I'm not sure the product supports things as is. I know it's unique to each company, but how do people think about balancing social as a channel for growth ++ building the product ++ talking to customers directly. They all feel very, very different. I always imagined growth + talking to customers are being in the same bucket, but not really anymore.

NFT-gal · 36d ago

This is exciting! #2 at the moment, well done.

NFT-gal · 36d ago

I immediately think of AWS when I read this description. A suite of tools including databases, automation tools and AI models to slip into my project.

How can you narrow the scope a bit? Seems like Jupyter notebooks play a key role in the work. I think it's probably fine to mention Jupyter directly in your one-liner? (esp since that technology is open source and not a competitor).

NFT-gal · 36d ago

Just looking at the website now, I don't see "gesture-based" ... what do you mean by this and "free floating"

Taking my queue from jun-s below...

Keywords: Note-taking, iPad, gesture-based.

Output: Defter Notes is a gesture-based notes app for the iPad.

NFT-gal · 36d ago

I am vaguely familiar with your project. I believe you are giving advertisers access to billboards on taxis. Is that right? If so, I'd just be up front about that.

Maybe: "Create and manage ads on taxicabs."