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MishievRoman_timeos.co · 16d ago

Yes, that's exactly how I see it. And that's why Gigi's approach got me thinking about it.

MishievRoman_timeos.co · 16d ago

Agree, but in this approach so many things, and most importantly, your decision on the viability of the product-promise fit depends on your skills setting up a campaign.

When you go and find the first 100 people, you didn’t just find them, you learned a ton of new things about your target audience and found a ton of new places and communities where they hang. Manual work compounds, ads don't. But I might be wrong here, that’s why I’m asking :)

MishievRoman_timeos.co · 16d ago

Completely agree with you. Discovering/finding the problem also means having a problem by yourself and understanding that you can actually solve it or at least try. Then you go talk with people to see how large this problem of yours is.

The only thing I'm trying to get my head around is that okay to pay for ads to get people on your landing page and based on conversion draw conclusions about how large is the problem and can your proposed solution solve it (at least describe how it will solve it).

I'm a strong believer in doing things that don't scale early on, and buying ads doesn’t seem like the right thing to do :)

MishievRoman_timeos.co · 20d ago

"Remote compilation for instant builds"

MishievRoman_timeos.co · 20d ago

Hi! I would’ve not used the word 'Hate' at the place where users first see your page, it too aggressive and emotional. I guess we just don't like to wait for a long build, but it what we do and I don't think we hate it so much, also, if the build succeeds we feel joy so long builds are the dopamine source for us :) 100% it's better to wait less tho. I would’ve picked something like "Fly through your builds", "Compile your build in seconds", "Instant code compilation for productive devs" or something like that. Try to understand the true desire of your target audience - I think the desire is not a faster compilation, but reaching 'git push origin master' or see 'build succeeded' faster.
Hope it helps!