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Shared by MishievRoman_TimeOS.co · 22d ago · 7 comments
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Shared by MishievRoman_TimeOS.co · 22d ago · 7 comments
MishievRoman_TimeOS.co · 21d ago

I count a visit as converted when a person opened a landing page, clicked a "get early access" button (which redirects to an Airtable form), and completed a 9-question request with real information.

I do use google analytics for the landing page and mixpanel for the app.

With G analytics I only track unique visits, sources, and demographics. To calculate conversion I took all unique visits (998 at the time of the post) and responses at my Airtable db (217), so (217/998)*100 = 21.7%

MishievRoman_TimeOS.co · 21d ago

Yeah, I saw it. It doesn’t look trustworthy tho :)

MishievRoman_TimeOS.co · 21d ago

What do you mean? 21.7%?

MishievRoman_TimeOS.co · 36d ago

Hi Daniel, Rishi, and the team!
Roman from timeOS is here :)

I've made two very different landing pages and I really need your feedback on which do you think is better in terms of "Okay, I get it!"!

1: https://timeos.co
2: https://timeos.webflow.io/main

Also, I have a question:
I'm a solo founder and my backlog of feedback, bugs, and features requests became scary + I need to build some UI interactions that are out of my technical skillset. (I'm looking for a deeply technical cofounder but it's not the priority now).

What's your advice on working with contractors from Upwork and in particular how do I share a codebase with them in a "safe" way?
I clearly won't outsource the whole development as I only need to accomplish some specific tasks and implementations.

Thank you so much!

MishievRoman_TimeOS.co · 52d ago

Hi Daniel, Rishi, and the Pioneer team!

Please, give feedback on my landing page -> https://timeos.co

Is it too much for a one-liner "TimeOS is the first independent cross-platform AI personal assistant started as a personal productivity-centered calendar"? What are your thoughts about this sentence?

Thank you!

MishievRoman_TimeOS.co · 101d ago

Happy to join you guys! But I have no invite :(

MishievRoman_TimeOS.co · 120d ago

Yes, me too! It's actually very refreshing to think once a week about 10-15 other projects.

MishievRoman_TimeOS.co · 121d ago

Hi Daniel!

- is the tag line on the landing page clear enough to understand what the product does just from it? (https://timeos.co)

- What are the main things I should be aware of building a team as a solo founder?

Thank you!

MishievRoman_TimeOS.co · 138d ago

Hey Daniel! What difference, pitfalls, and upsides you see in raising pre-seed, hiring the first 10 people, and overall going from 0 to 1 as a solo founder?

For context: I consider myself a full-stack founder, meaning I can write code, design, sell, talk to people (users, investors, etc), and also have a solid vision for the product I'm building. I had built 2 companies where I had co-founders before so it's not the first one for me.

Subquestion: If I decided to stay as the only founder is it a common practice to allocate to the option pool 25-35% of the company and is it actually makes the difference to have a larger option pool?

Thank you!

MishievRoman_TimeOS.co · 165d ago

1. No
2. I only upload to iCloud and privacy doesn’t concern me with Apple
3. AirDrop
4. WhatsApp + Airdrop if in range
5. Telegram (occasionally WhatsApp)
6. I don't
7. I love Apple's ecosystem
8. Nope

Ps. It would be good if you could share a "problem" you have in mind. It would give me the context and potentially help me define my answers clearly.