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McKayla-Berry · 321d ago

I went all the way through the Jeff Bezos one... wow. Is it naive of me to think he'll do well by his fortunes due to the pressure of the spotlight? He's in a great position to make real and incredible impact on climate change and seems to be leaning heavily in that direction ($10B committed this year).

McKayla-Berry · 323d ago

What'd they say when you showed the paying user the new feature?

McKayla-Berry · 329d ago

Badger them! :) Good luck.

McKayla-Berry · 333d ago

Do you have a network of folks already in the industry?

McKayla-Berry · 329d ago

Hadn't seen 2-minute papers before. Nice. Love his tone / style.

Shared by McKayla-Berry · 334d ago · 9 comments
McKayla-Berry · 330d ago

SO curious about this.

How long did it take to get to that point? What was the business? Were you generating revenue immediately?

McKayla-Berry · 330d ago

Ah, nice. So for you it was the moment of external validation. I feel like that can come in the form of an accelerator believing in the project and/or customer validation... people loving the thing you're making.

McKayla-Berry · 330d ago

As a recent apartment hunter, the 3D tours didn't capture anything that a handful of pictures didn't. I can imagine 3D tours being especially cool for art exhibits though.

One thing I wonder is: why have FB and others not been able to make VR work yet? I know they're putting a ton of resources in that bucket.

McKayla-Berry · 337d ago

A "citizens dashboard" would be really cool.

- Businesses you've created + official forms filed.
- Personal tax information.
- Relevant annual filing dates.
- Interesting tax exemptions available in your state.
- Odd laws in your locale and region.
- etc.