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Matthew_Brooks · 3d ago

Hi Daniel! I'd like to know if my landing page is clean and if it shows the value of the app quickly.

How would you recommend I find more startups to pitch/sell to? Currently cold messaging via LinkedIn. It's going alright.

Matthew_Brooks · 20d ago

Lol, I think I just beat you with this (currently #1).

I don't think it ranks things well because this is #29 and it's way better than mine

Matthew_Brooks · 37d ago

Hey Daniel,

Just wondering about my landing page, is the value clear?

And how would you go about manually finding first users? I've been connecting and messaging LI startup founders but that has only netted me 1 trial out of maybe 50+ messages.

What's your general advice for launching/growing a Slack app?

Matthew_Brooks · 52d ago

- Does my landing page show enough value to try the free trial?
- What is the best way to reach out to smallish startups that may be willing to try my Slack app? LinkedIn?
- Would Pioneer be willing to test out my Slack app internally?

Matthew_Brooks · 70d ago

Hi Daniel, two questions:

1 - How's the website I just built for my slack app? Hopefully, it's very clear and immediately shows value:

2 - I'm doing a 2 week free trial of my slack app w/ the 150 person startup I work at. If I convert them as my first customer (or even if I don't) what should my next steps be? Try to find other startups on LinkedIn and pitch to them? Paid marketing?