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Matthew_Brooks · 406d ago

I've made many changes to my landing page since the last feedback over a month ago, including adding a demo video to the hero section.

I'd love to get your updated feedback on it:

Also, I'm running a lifetime deal on AppSumo. Should I market that in my app and on my website/LinkedIn/twitter etc. for a few months to potentially get more customers but at a reduced revenue? Or keep it hidden like I am now so only people that check AppSumo actually find it?

Matthew_Brooks · 482d ago

Hey Daniel and Rishi!

I'm creating Incognito for Slack, it's a Slack app for anonymous feedback and polls directly in Slack.

I have just started getting paying customers (6 so far). They have been giving me good product suggestions which I'm working on and it's going really well, with trials coming in too.

My question is, how best to scale from ~10 customers to ~100 customers? Any insights on how Karma Bot did it so well?

I feel like my app is in an adjacent space and they've grown to 23K MRR which is quite impressive. Of course, any product/landing page feedback is very appreciated as well.


Matthew_Brooks · 484d ago

Yeah, I understand, and I definitely don't take it personally.

Just so strange to get some weeks with 10 upvotes and 1 downvote with standard (but decent) progress and then you have an insane week 3x better than that and you get more downvotes than upvotes. I think it just hurts the engagement of this community a bit, although not completely sure how it could be fixed.

Matthew_Brooks · 484d ago

I wonder if there is a way Pioneer could incentivize correct voting more, like "If you vote with the majority you will get a small bonus" or something like that. So people will think "I wonder how other people would vote on this" instead of just randomly voting

Matthew_Brooks · 484d ago

Thank you!

Hmm, seems strange to be me. I think it's pretty easy to see when a group has a kick-ass week and they usually win. I haven't seen many projects where they both absolutely killed it in the same week (and I've reviewed maybe 20+ weeks total).

But I agree, I don't worry about each week's result, just the trend line, which is definitely going up and to the right.

Matthew_Brooks · 496d ago

Hi Daniel! I'd like to know if my landing page is clean and if it shows the value of the app quickly.

How would you recommend I find more startups to pitch/sell to? Currently cold messaging via LinkedIn. It's going alright.

Matthew_Brooks · 512d ago

Lol, I think I just beat you with this (currently #1).

I don't think it ranks things well because this is #29 and it's way better than mine

Matthew_Brooks · 530d ago

Hey Daniel,

Just wondering about my landing page, is the value clear?

And how would you go about manually finding first users? I've been connecting and messaging LI startup founders but that has only netted me 1 trial out of maybe 50+ messages.

What's your general advice for launching/growing a Slack app?

Matthew_Brooks · 545d ago

- Does my landing page show enough value to try the free trial?
- What is the best way to reach out to smallish startups that may be willing to try my Slack app? LinkedIn?
- Would Pioneer be willing to test out my Slack app internally?

Matthew_Brooks · 563d ago

Hi Daniel, two questions:

1 - How's the website I just built for my slack app? Hopefully, it's very clear and immediately shows value:

2 - I'm doing a 2 week free trial of my slack app w/ the 150 person startup I work at. If I convert them as my first customer (or even if I don't) what should my next steps be? Try to find other startups on LinkedIn and pitch to them? Paid marketing?