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Masa · 100d ago

Thanks!! :D

Masa · 105d ago

You can browse from link;{streak_number}/feedback

`streak_number ` is an incremental number so you can see past ratings by decrement it.
Current number is "500"

Note: I don't know why but the number sometimes leaps. From my memorandum - 500, 499, 498, 497, 464...

So the best way is taking records on your own responsibility every week. I do it every week :)

Masa · 122d ago

I don't like to take "problem oriented" approach.
People are sometimes unconscious with such problem, need or what they call "pain".
It was also called "market in" approach vs "product out" approach about a decade ago.

Masa · 146d ago

You can fetch basic KPIs via Firebase, such as DAU, WAU, MAU, engagement time, device version, region map and so on. It's integrated with Google Analytics in background.

Masa · 146d ago

I even had one person introduce me to kpi tools, e.g. Firebase with a link as well.

Masa · 146d ago

Haha.. sounds difficult to prove it.

Masa · 146d ago

I'm a techie founder :)

Masa · 146d ago

I'm also a solo founder.
But I have a team, working with 3 members :)
Don't care :)

Masa · 146d ago

Upvoted :) Congrats!