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Masa · 7d ago

It depends on your strategy, I supposed.
It would have conflicts very often - User acquisition vs Monetization.

Masa · 9d ago

Thanks for advice!
We haven't had any problem in our company (including tax reports). So "CLEAN", we can close the company gracefully at any time.
And we also don't change brand or product during that term. We've just developed product.
I will consult our attorney and investor finally, but I wanted to ask you players in Pioneer, voices from entrepreneurs in advance :)

Thanks again!

Masa · 12d ago

Why do you think I made a mistake??
We have developed our product during that term, so it is natural for us to make no money.
Does it make sense to you? Did you read context well?
I just wanted to ask if a rookie company has any advantage or not.

Masa · 13d ago

Not in UK, US :)

Masa · 15d ago

"Cloud" doesn't matter about this topic.
He mentions about marketplace of applications, not storage.

Masa · 15d ago

App platform players are also competing. So it would not be realized if we like or not.

Masa · 36d ago

Both of these services require accounts and open posts.
If you want consumer to feel free to post comments, a feature "Masked (anonymous) Room" of our mobile social app, neeboor, enables audience to post comments anonymously🕶 without signup (only 1 step).