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Nice! · 26d ago

We're based in St. Louis, MO in the US and used Clerky. Very easy and very quick. · 44d ago

As of this week, we've submitted 54 consecutive weekly progress updates on Pioneer. Through that time we pivoted from an event-based marketplace (Eventy) to a SaaS, marketing reporting automation tool (Market Metrics). We were in the top 50 with Eventy, pivoted to Market Metrics and moved off the leaderboard, now we're 48th on the leaderboard.

What is it like?
It's like you just beat everyone below you and everyone who's not on the leaderboard. The thing is you only get in the top 50 by improving yourself and those around you. Stay focused and be helpful.

Did you make it into the Pioneer Program?

What did Pioneer help you with the most?
Staying focused on improving progress relative to my project's objectives and at communicating more with fewer words. · 77d ago

I would disagree with the majority of advice provided here. None of it addresses your main bottleneck, which you addressed yourself with only being able to do 10 DM's every other day.

1. Get more prospects by doing one of the following:
a. Join virtual conferences where your ideal users will be and connect with the attendees and presenters.
b. Find the webinars where your ideal users will be and setup meetings with those attendees and presenters.
c. Define the National Standard Industrial Code for the company where your ideal users works; search ReferenceUSA by that code; for each company that comes up in that database, search on LinkedIn for the people who work in the job that would use your service

2. Consolidate all of the contacts into an Excel sheet with the names and either emails or links to online profiles to contact them.

3. Create a outreach template that seems personal and that you can replace their names/companies/situations, etc.

If you follow these 3 steps, then within a month you should have a list of thousands of prospects and will be able to contact all of them within days. Good luck! · 100d ago

Reference USA, , and LinkedIn Sales Manager for sales

Reference USA:
- Free and available with an account at your local library
- Makes it easy to search any company in America, their volume of sales, their executive staff, contact info, others in their industry, & more

- Free options ( I only use the free option )
- Use on a company's website to find the email for any person, or find the common ways emails are formatted internally

LinkedIn Sales:
- Monthly Professional License: $79.99 per month
- Learn the professional history of anyone

Happy selling!