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Would you be intersted of doing this with me? I don't think it's just UX but you can also interview the other person. I tried this with one person yesterday and felt like i learned a lot because I got someone who had time to answer my questions and try the product.

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Yeah I feel the same way. If you try to just come up some great idea you never do because you focus the wrong things. But when you do something like run a startup you will face some problems which you then notice and realize that you could turn them into another startup. · 527d ago

The brand point is not true with small startups. In Creativity Inc Ed explained how they sold some software first for too much because that the advice someone gave them and then they tried to sell it for less and no one wanted because they already had the image that the software were expensive. Maybe if the markets are so small that there is only handful of companies it might make sense to be sure you don't destroy the brand but when selling ot consumers there are always more people that have never heard of the company. · 533d ago

I think almost all good ideas fall into two categories: 1. something that became possible lately 2. something that sounds so bad that no one wants to try it. In the second case it doesn't matter how many people you tell about the idea because they don't want to take any action. The idea sounds impossible, stupid, or other ways something they don't want to touch. In the first case people might also realize that "oh yeah that's actually pretty good idea". But very rarely these people then take any kind of action towards executing the idea. They copied it from you so they don't probably share the same passion and without it in most of the cases they fail. That said maybe 0.1% of the people you tell really might cause compeition but it's such a small chance compared to how much help you can get by talking that it's not worth it to keep the idea stealth.