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Klog · 4d ago

How's traction, out of curiosity?

Klog · 8d ago

What's the context?

For customers who understand the problem, you probably spend less time on the problem and more on the solution. For investors or people who are less familiar, then more time on the problem.

Klog · 12d ago

Don't you think it could simplify things? A new device, written all in JS.

I don't agree that designed by committee is an issue. Not if there's a BDFL. What about Linux, Ubuntu, Firefox, Blender?

Klog · 13d ago

Maybe totally unrelated, but what do you think about a new, closed computer. There is one social app, built in public by the public. One calendar, built in public by the public. Etc. Then you get everyone on the same platform. That'd be my (albeit radical) solution.

Klog · 14d ago

This is wild, my man. Not sure how you could do any of these things in a single week, let alone all of them.

Klog · 30d ago

Email newsletters, like any other direct comms from company to (potential) user should be as personal as possible, especially at the start. I definitely agree with others below, don't get more people on the list just for the sake of numbers. Use this as another means of getting closer to the people who find value in your company.

Also a bit of the Coca-Cola effect, if you can keep the content bar high -- more presence of your name in their day-to-day lives = better.

Klog · 37d ago

It's truly insane.

Klog · 37d ago

Starship promises to take this trend much further. On Falcon 9, only the first stage is reusable, whereas on Starship, the entire system—both the booster and the space vehicle—is reusable. Starship runs on dirt cheap liquid methane instead of expensive rocket fuel. It is made out of stainless steel instead of more expensive traditional aerospace materials. SpaceX is talking about churning out Starships at a rate of one every 72 hours for a cost of $5 million each. Operating costs come down with a high flight rate, so Elon is figuring a $1.5-million fully burdened launch cost for 150 tons to LEO. That is $10/kg, more than 100 times cheaper than a Falcon 9 launch today.

This is ridiculously compelling.

Klog · 43d ago

Key to the point system is peer review, per JayLewis' answer. More people = more competition, that's all.

Klog · 43d ago

Cool product. How has traction been since the launch?