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Klog · 287d ago

Take a look at this article! https://stripe.com/atlas/guides/equity

Klog · 302d ago

Just read it! Thought Jim was pretty self-aggrandizing, which made it hard to engage. Most appreciated the stories of IKEA, Bank of Italy and Southwest. Inspired me to read more into each.

Innovation stack is something you see at every successful company, so I'm not sure where he gets off on saying Square is particularly unique among giant companies today. Felt more like a self-congratulatory book than anything else.

Some good points throughout. One of the most practical was: don't talk to investors until you've built something, you have a functioning team and happy customers.

Thanks again for the rec!

Klog · 317d ago

Just bought it! Cheers.

Klog · 317d ago

Awesome, thank you! Zero to One popular in this thread... need to read. Thanks again.

Klog · 317d ago

Cool. Ty! what were the highlights for you?

Klog · 322d ago

Cool. (Have been asking everyone -- what do you like about those two in particular? Key interesting takeaways? Thanks!)

Klog · 322d ago

Cool. My impression of Lean Startup from the outside is "how to spend with leverage as a startup." I.e. how not to die by cutting costs and maximizing the most important decisions that require $$$. That would be an interesting book.

Klog · 322d ago

Interesting! Seems like the type to write good essays as well... any in particular you've read and liked more than others? (Creating a master list from this thread, so many good materials.)

Klog · 316d ago

I think it's all semantics! Pivot, not pivot, doesn't matter. Just keep talking to people until you find something of value and improve your solution constantly.