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We have a demo linked to our landing page as a means of showing the product and filtering out users who might sign-up and leave. Should we have a more formal guided tutorial or should the demo stand on its own (as now)?

Thank you!
Peter and Andrew · 373d ago

Hello DG/team,

In process of an SEO revamp we discovered two competitors (founded since 2020) building very similar product(s). Both have raised significant VC and have a wider range of offerings. Should we learn from what they have and haven’t built or continue to stay focused on sticking with our central offering. Do not want to chase features with limited resources. Would love thoughts.

-Peter + Andrew · 384d ago

Appreciate it. We have that hurdle clear - now just making the "what" is exactly what our users need. And getting it in front of the appropriate people. · 384d ago

Really like the landing page and I think I have the full picture right at the top. It is clear that it has a great design and easy interface - so things I as a customer would want to know is how easy it is to try/install, pricing, and any limitations competitors or zoom has that this avoids. You have some of this but would emphasize or spell out in one space. Great work! · 384d ago

Really aesthetic landing page. I am excited by the product - but I need to know the key differences with my current calendar sooner and maybe without watching the demo. Even if there are just one or two specific differences spelled out I would probably leave email. · 384d ago

Great page. I got the message quickly about what you are trying to solve. You could mention the alternatives or lack there of to.

Where you mention it is currently limited to Ghana - you could leave an email box for (If you are based outside of Ghana and would like to learn about future growth - get in touch!) or something. Just a thought. Great work. · 384d ago

Credit to @daniel for our working that into the one liner. · 384d ago

Thanks for pointing this out! We hadn't heard of them before. Good to see validation. · 384d ago

This is actually what we use a lot of the time! Or, "An ATS for job applications." Is another one we use. · 384d ago

A CRM where job-seekers can track their applications and get hired for their dream job faster.