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KaylaBens · 22h ago

How'd it go? Sorry to have missed the drop.

I'll +1 that first comment on PH about diversity! Have you been thinking about how to combat that issue since then?

KaylaBens · 5d ago

Hadn't heard of Spectrum, very interesting.

KaylaBens · 7d ago

Doesn't make sense to me, either. I wonder if this is part marketing?

KaylaBens · 22d ago

Agreed... had to read through it a few times.

KaylaBens · 22d ago

Indeed. I like the format, too, with every word timestamped to the video.

KaylaBens · 32d ago

Nice. Indeed, a digitized world. Good luck!

KaylaBens · 32d ago

And if they haven't told their friends, what about the product experience would you need to change / improve for them to do so.

KaylaBens · 32d ago

I'd ask if the people who love it already have told their friends about it. Wonder if there's a peer to peer virality element to capture.

KaylaBens · 32d ago

Nice! Out of curiosity, what does a spot like that cost to get her to do a product demo? Totally fine if you want to keep confidential.

How's conversion once people hit the site?

KaylaBens · 33d ago

Nice, good luck!