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KaylaBens · 403d ago

This is great. Finding this page particularly valuable: https://pioneer.app/codex/fundraising

Wasn't clear to me before the role and incentives of VCs. Kudos team!

KaylaBens · 463d ago

Roger that. Do keep us posted... this is a unique project.

KaylaBens · 463d ago

What are you providing these volunteers once they sign up? Nothing over the course of that 12 months? IndieHackers was able to achieve solid growth in their marketplace of people right away because Courtland already had a big follower base for his content. Are you at least producing content for those who've signed up to consume and for you to remain relevant? If I signed up for something a year ago and haven't heard from them once... far less likely to use the thing. Good luck!

KaylaBens · 467d ago

This is great. I find this slightly shorter version a bit more compelling: "A remote learning platform with built-in support for streaming, payments and student management." The site looks great!

Small nit -- in the FAQ section, you don't need to put "Ans" -- it's implied. Cheers!

KaylaBens · 474d ago

I took a year off and traveled to 11 countries after college. Solo back packing for most of it. Coolest spot was Nepal. There was a night when - i suppose because we were so high up hiking - the sun was at full blast on one side of the sky and the nightsky / moon crystal clear on the other. Literally night and day at once. Unforgettable

KaylaBens · 533d ago

How'd it go? Sorry to have missed the drop.

I'll +1 that first comment on PH about diversity! Have you been thinking about how to combat that issue since then?

KaylaBens · 538d ago

Hadn't heard of Spectrum, very interesting.

KaylaBens · 539d ago

Doesn't make sense to me, either. I wonder if this is part marketing?

KaylaBens · 554d ago

Agreed... had to read through it a few times.

KaylaBens · 554d ago

Indeed. I like the format, too, with every word timestamped to the video.