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Went on Mat's podcast about a year ago now. He's super cool, so definitely shoot him a message. You're living under a rock if you haven't seen him somewhere over the internet yet! · 15d ago

I'm @johnmcelhone

I think we need a Clubhouse Pioneer club! · 25d ago

You may be able to hold the lead on the Pioneer leaderboard, but I'm coming for that #1 spot on Frontier. Watch your back Brad :) · 25d ago

Same to you! It should update again sometime tomorrow morning! · 26d ago

Karma points are entirely based on your Frontier comment and posting history. This gives me an idea, gonna throw together a quick project to track Frontier points. · 65d ago

Basically, we send all the information collected about a user that just logged their details on our waitlist to Integromat. It's a connector that will act as a pipe to import this data into Airtable. Works pretty much exactly the same as Google Sheets or Excel. On the table we use different filters to see new entries or carry out analysis such as where are the most popular user countries? Or what crops are these potential users growing? · 67d ago

At CropSafe, we use a form on our Webflow website or a Typeform to collect leads, then use Integromat (Zapier also works) to send these leads to Mailerlite to engage them with email campaigns, as well as to an Airtable base for further cohort analysis and research by us.

I've heard WaitlistAPI is also a great tool! · 80d ago

How did it go? · 89d ago

You're right in what you mentioned above. YC or any other programme shouldn't be a milestone along your journey, but a possible path of many to one of your goals. Focus on the bigger picture and separate paths from goals.

Cherish rejection, learn from it and move on. We were turned down by YC twice before we even got an interview. I think naturally as humans we're wired wrong, where experiences of rejection lead to negative emotions. We need to learn to flip this switch, as I'm sure everyone here agrees that critical feedback and rejection from users carries far much more value than continuous agreement from them. As founders, we need to learn to carry this lesson across to other situations as well. · 89d ago

The puzzle test is a one-off optional quiz. When I first did it over a year ago now, I thought it was an every week thing so ended up rushing to get it done before the end of week deadline. Rushing the quiz, I didn't get the best score and was a bit surprised when I wasn't given the option to do it again the next week. However, although you do get points for it, I am pretty confident in my assumption that those points are very lightly weighted. There is the illusion that these points make a difference to your leaderboard score and points, but long term, I'm pretty sure they aren't even counted. Take a look at the leaderboard for example at the end of every week: you'll see that each team on the top is only a few points from each other. If the quiz really was counted, the project I'm working on ( would be much further down the leaderboard, as I doubt many others made the same mistake as me and scored so low on the quiz first time.

The reason the quest exists in the first place is to the benefit of Pioneer, who are a business at the end of the day. Essentially, Pioneer is huge scouting program to find filter and find high potential companies for investment. The more data they have on you, the better. Progress updates every week, founder tests and revenue insights from the Stripe integration are all pretty much every investor's dream. That's why that quiz is there, Pioneer is betting that the majority of the players will do it. Those tiny nuggets of information add up and give Pioneer a pretty well structured profile into the mind and thought processes of every founder. Collect enough of these and you have a gold mine of deal flow for potential investment.

Don't get caught up on the quiz. If you have the time, no harm in doing it. If not, it won't affect you long term, just ignore it.