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Jimmons · 33d ago

It seems best to start with the problem here. The problems I'd be interested in solving (in the US at least) are a) school prices and b) access to the best teachers. The Internet seems perfectly suited to the task.

So I do think education will more and more float to the Internet (not a controversial opinion). It's tough to imagine what that path will take because the system is so entrenched.

Jimmons · 89d ago

Hah, love this. Fun share.

Shared by cjb · 102d ago · 4 comments
Jimmons · 90d ago

I've always found this site interesting: https://foundersfund.com/. Great visuals.

Jimmons · 116d ago

Computer vision! More generally, AI -- but that's too broad. I'm most excited about computer vision. cc Roboflow guys and anyone else in the industry

Jimmons · 133d ago

Particularly interesting and really interesting is that the disutility people experience in real life from a loss is much greater than the gain in utility they get from a similar sized windfall.

Jimmons · 137d ago

More excellence. Thank you, thank you.

Jimmons · 137d ago

Awesome, please do. Keyed in.

Jimmons · 138d ago

This is fantastic. Forwarding to a few friends.

Jimmons · 139d ago

I don't, sorry. Too introverted :/ But good luck!

Jimmons · 139d ago

This is nice. I do a lot of yoga. Maybe just like... a bunch of sun salutations together.