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JayLewis · 403d ago

Oh wow haha.. that's a long ways. I'm in another state in the US. A few hundred miles away. Not so bad, relatively.

JayLewis · 403d ago

Yes!! A friend of mine is in YC and says they're the SF campus celebs right now. Wish I could check it out, but don't live there.

JayLewis · 412d ago

I love reviewing.

JayLewis · 463d ago

In fact #2 and #3 are also interactive learning.

Music Theory: https://www.lightnote.co/
Synths: https://learningsynths.ableton.com/

Cool site, thanks for the share.

JayLewis · 463d ago

This seems cool. How's waitlisting going? What's the plan to get folks on board?

Solid landing page, although more and more I'm seeing these classic template illustrations. I'd recommend pursuing a more unique style to your graphics.

JayLewis · 463d ago

This is a really clear landing page. Well done!

I don't *fully understand the description you wrote above, though. I wonder if there's an even simpler way to describe it.

JayLewis · 466d ago

What's a recent success you've had that surprised you? (someone asked me this question recently and i liked it)

JayLewis · 515d ago

Something hard to do at the start is actually charge for the product you're building. It never feels like the right time. There's always more to do. This is a leap I've yet to make, but one which I know I need to soon. Suhail's framing clarifies why it's so important for me to make that leap sooner than later. Enjoyed this thread, thanks.

Think of a way to make your users have some skin in the game enough to yell at you to make your product better. Charge or trade for it early on. Waiting for your product to be "good enough" reduces the amount you'll learn each day. The first set of users paid me $20 on Venmo!

JayLewis · 517d ago

Airbnb tbh, maybe too basic for me to say though.

I wonder if a sideways scrolling site will ever take hold. I know of a few design firms / individuals who go LtR instead of up and

JayLewis · 543d ago

Nice. Yeah, have done the calls a few times. Nice to put faces to names and have an actual conversation.

I like it here :) For me, it's primarily a tool for accountability. Just helps to be telling people what I'm doing and to be held accountable. To an extent getting "graded" weekly.