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Shared by J.Steel · 18d ago · 15 comments
J.Steel · 15d ago

What do you say to people who say "Rome wasn't built in a day"?

J.Steel · 16d ago

Authenticity comes from democratising briefs, essentially allowing anyone to respond. Creators can mint their responses as NFTs (like a blog, artwork, asset etc.) making it one of a kind.

J.Steel · 16d ago

Yeah, creative brief is quite a broad term as it involves strategy (what is the platform/direction of our message) and the design (how do we bring this to life). Then there is media planning which is a whole other universe. Media planning will decide where that message will go (what channel) to reach the most relevant audiences. In a world of start-ups, a lot of them will not have a creative agency on hand, so a platform like this will be most beneficial to them when they are looking to promote their brand, product or services. Just like NFTs have democratised artwork for digital artists, this platform will look to do the same for creative strategists where brands can benefit. There are no barriers to entry to be a creative strategist. If you are a designer too, you'll be able to offer more than just creative direction. I'd argue the former is the most important, as this gives the overall direction and ideas for design.

I agree, let's keep the conversation going on here for now as it could be useful for others - we're all learning!

Touchgram - i'll check it out. Can I just check this is your website - https://www.touchgram.com/

J.Steel · 16d ago

Thanks! This a super useful way to reframe it and not something I've considered before.

To your second point, I understand where you're coming from. I should rephrase this to say that I am actively learning about the available tools, components, patterns and platforms for developing applications for Ethereum. I would say I have a basic understanding of this technology at this stage. This has lead me to this idea, and now I am on the path for feedback and expert advice.

To your last point, you sound like you could be the person to obtain some solid feedback haha! I'd love to discuss this with you perhaps outside the forum if you're willing? Or does that defeat the point of this!? In terms of what is inauthentic, let me disclose a little more about the idea.... The idea is a platform that can democratise creates briefs for advertisers to open up the opportunity for more authentic responses. For someone who works in the industry, the amount of times I've seen repackaged ideas from another agency's work pitched to clients is painful - they're inauthentic. The best ideas for creative briefs always seem to come from competitions, and this is a glimpse for advertisers of the type of work they can get back when they democratise who can respond. Additionally, there's a lot of market research that indicates that authenticity is important for consumers when deciding what brands they like and support. Therefore, the messaging that brands communicate should be authentic too. So you've got a demand from both ends.

The idea is pretty similar to any work-for-hire platform, with rankings for both the creator (seller) and the advertiser (buyer), plus an added component of community voting. Essentially, this would be like a GitCoin but for creative responses to briefs.

J.Steel · 18d ago

That feels like exactly what I need at the moment.

I have an idea for a dApp that, in essence, will democratise creative work for brands allowing for truly authentic responses to their briefs. I must add, I have no technical or coding experience, but I do have an understanding a dApp ecosystem. I feel like the person who would get excited about this would have the technical experience, as they would be able to understand if this idea is possible to implement. I need to find this person!