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Recent comments · 249d ago — list of over 5000. Incredible number of investors already curated. · 249d ago

Damn I missed it. How did it go? BTW - I’ve found recording all my Clubhouse session to be useful so it’s not ephemeral. Have you considered that? · 249d ago

In my experience, upfront stating the goal of your survey complicates the results of the survey - because the person taking a survey now knows what you’re trying to validate. I think it Hass to be more subtle at least that’s what The MOM Test book teaches anyway. · 249d ago

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Very very cool! · 249d ago

Your turn, Abhinav! · 249d ago

Avoid generic advice and statements when building your startup. Yes it’s true sometimes but building a startup is not binary. There are so many other considerations. · 249d ago

I actually think financial projections in Pitchdecks are silly. Maybe useful for a Partner meeting but early on - pitchdecks are just to get to the next stage. As an investor, we know all financial projections are wrong. 100% of the time. So focus on other great points to make your narrative strong. if you need a template.

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I would love that! · 249d ago

You can check it out and make a copy here: