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Thanks, Lorenzo :) · 19d ago

No, but will check it out! · 43d ago

Thanks :) I haven't gotten new ones from your coupon yet, but will look out for them!
We also launched a (free) Startup Growth Checklist with Taskable this week, check this out >> · 43d ago

Upvoted :) · 53d ago

Also a non-coder (although do have entrepreneurial background). You ca get a prototype up & running, even generating revenue without a real need for coding. This way you can get a feeling of the market & test your idea LIVE. You can also go hunt for technical co-founders, but that in my experience is a real tough thing to do )) · 57d ago

Personalized marketing planning solution · 58d ago

Can I use this as a testimonial for our website? :)
"I scanned the ideas and easily found two sources I hadn't considered. Both inspired ideas I'm pretty sure I'll get an additional payback on." · 62d ago

Hi! Sorry to hear about the delay. Did you sign up for a free version? If yes, then we've got a queue on that... You should have received an email stating that you're in the queue, and can pay $9 to get it in your inbox within 12 hours. Maybe check spam? · 62d ago

Thanks for trying out Growth Channel and the feedback - dollar/euro conversion is def. missed on from our side :D · 62d ago

I switched to Versoly from Wordpress and pretty happy so far (our website:
Versoly is also another player here on Pioneer :)