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Would you like me to feature your use case in our latest post? · 21d ago

That’s always nice to hear You can sign up directly but I’m also happy to do a short onboarding call to make sure you get the most of it from the start. Here is my availability · 25d ago

Check out GetSecret - 6 months free on Pro · 104d ago

Yep! Only for startup communities :) · 122d ago

That's great feedback! You get 1 tactic at a time with a daily maximum on a. free tier. Also if you want a fully personalised strategy, there's a direct CTA to go through our main product onboarding for a personalized marketing plan. I hope that covers it, but would also really appreciate a short 10-15 mins call to get more feedback from you :) Let me know if you're open for a quick meeting? · 127d ago

Sounds like a great opportunity, Lorenzo! Just signed up :) · 127d ago

Looks interesting! Thanks for sharing :) · 138d ago

Great idea! @maryna_b · 149d ago

Sounds like an interesting opportunity. Would be glad to consider. Check out and let me know the next steps