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I would not suggest giving any advisor more than 1% equity unless they're actually working on your project at least part-time. Even for that 1%, make sure you have a lit of actions they're willing to commit (i.e. share your content on their social networks, represent you at the industry events, make industry introductions, etc.). On another note, make sure all that is vested over a period of time. Just like Manoj suggested, there are plenty of templates you can use to guide you there. Good luck! · 50d ago

When you feel you want to grow this as a business! Don't expect much to happen (at least not in a short term) if you're part time.
P.S. I went full-time when we were accepted into an accelerator program · 75d ago

awesome job, congrats! · 84d ago

I haven't been in a situation yet to offer a decent check at my own startup, but every time I hear a person asking/talking about "stability", "monthly base" - often times that person is mainly motivation by just $$$$. When hiring my team at corporations, the situation is very different. So it depends on the type of company as well. Many people would join a big corporation with a "decent check" and still be very enthusiastic. Hope this helps! · 85d ago

Getting the best talent while you cannot offer a great pay check (at the beginning) like the bigger companies · 84d ago

Happy to continue chatting in private, you can email me at · 84d ago

Yep, just like Matt mentions, every state is pretty different, and visa type matters too. I moved here last year from Germany, enjoying it so far in Austin :) · 89d ago

sure · 89d ago

that will depend on your valuation, growth, and other investors in the round · 90d ago

CribMD went through their accelerator (Nigeria) and got seed funding already at the demo day! In my cohort we also had a startup from Bangladesh. If you're abroad now, it's fine as long as you're open for relocating and moving your startup to Texas.