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Gabi · 9d ago

Hey Kendsouza,

Thanks, for the input! I already try to do this.

I'm the type of person who owns 3 pairs of the same jeans and 5 of the same t-shirts and other than the running shoes I only have 1 other pair of shoes. I wake up at 5 am and do my thinking/journaling before the day or taking other input before I start work.

I unsubscribe to junk (very deliberate about what I am thinking about/ exposing myself to). I have a morning ritual that includes cold showers, coffee making and walking my dog. I exercise daily. So I think I have routines down/ have spent years trying to eliminate useless choices (if you have more ideas -please let me know).

I only spend time thinking and deciding what to do in my designated portions of the week (literally I have structured thinking time in my calendar, tools I use when I do this). So I'm not sure it's about doing more or less but rather of how to do this better and what activities of things could I do to increase my learning/ ability/skill in this regard. ie Since scheduling structured thinking time and being super disciplined I have gotten way better at it!

Gabi · 9d ago

Something I find challenging is learning to sequence/ prioritize what gives you the most leverage and figuring out when the right time is to x versus y.

I'm trying to develop my ability to think strategically, manage and prioritize my time and then execute like a boss. I find that I get tripped up when I context switch too frequently-chunking time/ makers schedule helps manage this and having OKR's, KPI's and keeping existential thinking for the weekends only, really serves me.

If anyone knows of ways to develop one thinking/ decision making/ strategic thinking (less reading more practice type setting) that would be amazing!

Gabi · 16d ago

Yeah! I love this :)

Gabi · 16d ago

I also struggled with this initially because I felt like I didn't know much about some domains. But then I challenged myself to try to learn and observe what I can, rather than to try to know, and even just by asking questions/sharing what you notice or wonder that would be helpful. I found that when people have pointed things out for me that didn't make sense to them it helped me refine my thinking/work/writing.

Gabi · 18d ago

I definitely second Mom test!
Talking to Humans:

Another thing I recommend is reading Steve Blank's work on Customer Development:)