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Gabi · 394d ago

Thanks for sharing Andy!

Gabi · 394d ago

Thanks so much for sharing that! Interestingly that's where we're at now :)

Gabi · 400d ago

We're trying the Bullseye framework.
Currently focussing testing a child-led referral programme vs parent-led referral programme.

We're looking at partnering with a company that has a community of parents that fit our target audience. They are sponsoring 30 kids from their community per month and then seeing what our conversion to paid customers look like.

In addition, we are creating content to engage learning insights that are relevant to startup/ developer parents too. Grownups can learn A LOT from kids so we would like to share those insights too.

We are also focusing on building engagement on Linkedin as that seems to be one of our social channels that have had the most engagement.

TLDR for Traction:

Gabi · 400d ago

This is very interesting! Thanks

Gabi · 401d ago

Also had the same thoughts as Andy. Thought being part of programme gets you access to that/ thought was motivation/Perl for joining/ being I’m the programme?

Maybe you get to eat access if you’ve done 12 week streak?

Gabi · 407d ago

curious to know how this is going for you?

Gabi · 407d ago

We speak to users (kids) and customers (parents) daily.

At the beginning of Aug I was pretty sad to have one of our first customers (LTV so far 3 months) let us know that they would not be renewing their membership. The kid had moved schools and would be trying the coding programme at school...

Today they just signed up again for Mindjoy!

Talking to customers matters!

Gabi · 407d ago

Some more to add to the list:

11. The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers, Ben Horowitz
12. Who by Geoff Smart, Randy Street

I'm super excited to check out:
Out-Innovate: How Global Entrepreneurs--from Delhi to Detroit--Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley