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Eric_Roseman · 377d ago

Hey Daniel, we're thinking about a reskin of our design so its less cartoony and more reminiscent of with real landscapes and calming ideals. How do you feel about consumer products that characterize like Headspace / Jour vs. more of real world imaging? Do you think it changes the outcome for consumer behavior?

Eric_Roseman · 534d ago

I didn't find to be that all that helpful.

I'm now trying to build my own on google slides. They like amateur though

Eric_Roseman · 534d ago

Taking a break mid-day to do an hour workout is a massive productivity hack for me. I get back to work after that post-workout shower and it feels like a whole new day (you can accomplish two days in one).

Eric_Roseman · 551d ago

How much does mental health and mental stress/anxiety speed up the Horvath clock? Do you see anyone creating solutions for the effects of aging caused by stress/anxiety?

Eric_Roseman · 551d ago

When you meet a founder at the idea phase, how quickly do you find that you make the judgement that you want to invest? Do you often times feel like "love at first sight" conviction or do you really need time to nurture and massage the relationship and idea to get comfortable for that first check?

Eric_Roseman · 561d ago

I work in real estate tech. I see pretty much every proptech company trying to disrupt or sell into the commercial real estate space. I would stay away from commercial real estate tech and focus more on the single family tech space. Help young couples get access to homes and financing and give them the flexibility to get into other properties of similar owner-profile types