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DanielShoroye · 431d ago

Hey - so I want to clarify some points

So I think there are (2?) different angles to spam reviews here -

(1) reviews that are generic - or what I call watery advice - this user is trying to get points by posting advice that might fit but doesn't really personalise it so it does.

this isn't all bad, let's assume sometimes 2 people need to hear the same thing, lack of personalisation however is lazy - the reviewer should in all cases personalise it.

Same words of advice week in week out is lazy. This is a spammer - someone fishing for points and not reviewing (a) what the person wants feedback on or (b) the project itself

(2) One word or two words - "good job" - if you don't ask for anything specific and you get this then I don't find this bad either. I can't consider it spam - user is not really looking to get the extra points. They had nothing to say or they just wanted to nudge positive advice.

In the ideal world they would take a dive in and give you an "expert review" but people are busy and that's understandable, they're also not experts who know how to dissect what's always - make the job easy and ask for something specific.

If you ask for feedback on something specific and get this - then this might be someone that lacks time and shouldn't be reviewing or someone who is not bothered - you could consider this spam.


To your next point about the ground not being levelled - we tend to review the same people after some cycles - I'm trying to get to know and understand your project better - I don't need you to be courteous unless I am in bucket (2) above (usually not) - I need you to answer my questions or rebuttal my review so I don't end up saying the same thing next time around.

As a pioneer user you'll find taking the time to dissect reviews and responding actually gives you clarity in your thinking as to why something may or may not be a certain way - making it a good exercise.

You're incentive to respond is to facilitate dialogue which lets people in bucket (1) + (2) know that people are counting on their feedback to get better and if you have questions + insights they will respond and answer them.

Follow up on reviews that seem fishy before giving 25 points - if they respond with more personalised detail then give the points.

DanielShoroye · 431d ago

Hi there,

Want to chime in real quick - the problem is two fold.

If I give you detailed feedback and you spam every review with "Thanks for your feedback {...}|" it's like your not even reading it.
Let's combat it by asking for feedback on specific topics/issues or just their opinion and make sure to respond to it keep the conversation going.

- Dan

DanielShoroye · 505d ago

Find where your customers are - add value to their community :) - Get creative! Good luck :)