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DamilolaTobiAdetayo · 8d ago

You are welcome.


DamilolaTobiAdetayo · 8d ago

I really love the idea and the entire interface and from what you are proving. You are giving the freelancer a significant opportunity to get paid well.

I have a recommendation, why not have a light mode on this website (landing page) so other people don't issue with the dark mode.

Lastly, you can also make sure that other currencies are included as well.

Thank you. I really love the idea.
You can take your time to check out www.zellquiz.com (An Online Gamified Quiz For Brands).

DamilolaTobiAdetayo · 8d ago

I really love the idea and they are some organizations or business owners who cherish their privacy so much.

It's good work done.

DamilolaTobiAdetayo · 8d ago

I like the landing page and the drop-down. What I think you can improve on is the menu at the menu. The text colour is having conflicts with other buttons on the right-hand side. You can make use of colours that will be perfect for all the top navigation sections. That is just my contribution for now.

You can check out www.zellquiz.com we are pulling out something amazing as well.

DamilolaTobiAdetayo · 8d ago

I really love the landing page, especially the multilanguage selection features. It gives the users ability to explore more no matter their languages.

Well done.

DamilolaTobiAdetayo · 9d ago

From your description. This is amazing to keep track of progress records and discover how humans fail and pass in their daily life. This is a good move.

DamilolaTobiAdetayo · 10d ago

I am new here and I believe that this is a community to uplift one another to become a better version of humanity.