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Would love landing page feedback on or UX feedback on (Best to run on Chrome or Firefox, Safari may not work)

CryogenicPlanet · 280d ago

First I wouldn't worry too much about it everyone succeeds in different timelines.

That being said, I think this is an effect of a few things. There are pioneers who have been playing the tournament for a while. Wouldn't make sense to compare yourself against them. Or companies/projects that have already been built coming onto pioneer, again would not make sense to compare yourself against them.

CryogenicPlanet · 317d ago

I might be vastly over simplifying but I think even if you were in the US the idea is to not give stocks directly to the employees now but allow them to buy it a fixed price now and then sell it at whatever the company is worth.

The idea here is you don't pay taxes on the stocks till you actually sell them, or company gets bought or ipo etc.

Also definitely have the same problem with team, was trying to get on a co founder but he just left as he couldn't commit enough time so back to be just one person. Let me know if you find a good solution to building up a team

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Congrats, can't wait to see roboflow do incredible things!

CryogenicPlanet · 380d ago

I would still recommend pushing through, it is okay if the progress isn't clearly visible on the site cause everyone won't remember your site from last time anyway. I remember for most of my time I didn't make super visible flashy changes on the site(those are rare anyways).

Interesting thing about not stopping pioneer, I was just building out my product as just that a product/project nothing more. And post launch to decent reception I had some plans to continue but wanted a break. For some reason I kept submitting progress reports ( I suspect because I enjoyed the calls and wanted to be part of the community/push myself to work more on the project) but suprisingly I grew massively in those 3-4 weeks and became a Pioneer( Currently #2 in Asia).

Tldr: Set your own goals for progress then meet them and make the progress reports good, you'll grow or at least sustain

CryogenicPlanet · 380d ago

Was going to recommend WaitlistAPI as it works pretty well and super simple to set up using it for one of our products

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Would love to pick your mind on this if you are open to it or free to chat sometime, I'll ping you about the same on the pioneer slack

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I launched around two weeks back and it has had decent usage, hard to point growth surrounded by all the launch buzz but yeah consistent users and growth is much harder than launching

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Active uses per day(

CryogenicPlanet · 443d ago

Can definitely help you out, send me an email