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Corina · 20d ago

I have checked your previous posts on other threads. It appears that you troll others or just make rude, dismissive comments on people's ideas or business models. You should stop. That is not what this platform is about. We are here to help each other and build each other up through professional conversations. I agreed with your concerns which is why I did my best to explain that I am trying to help solve the problem, not become a part of it. Please stop responding and behaving rudely and unprofessionally.

Corina · 20d ago

I completely understand your concerns about buying regular store snacks or beverages. That is exactly why we don't sell regular store snacks or beverages. We only work with companies that are currently good for you and the planet. For instance, Renewal Mill is a company that uses upcycled ingredients from the Soy industry to create fiber-rich, affordable, gluten-free baking mixes that are organic, healthy for people, and help to offset millions of tons of waste and energy usage towards feeding people instead. Another company we work with is Barnacle Foods, they make everyday food items like salsa, seasonings, and BBQ sauce that is made primarily from Bullwhip sea kelp. The sea kelp health benefits are already known. However, the biggest benefit to the planet is that the kelp requires no input from humans to grow it, no fresh water, land, or growing chemicals. Not to mention that sustainable sea kelp harvesting actually helps to reduce tons of carbon from the atmosphere to fight climate change. So you see, the point is to make these food items accessible and eventually affordable so that people can change their food buying choices to brands that are actually doing something good for people and the planet, not just their bottom line. All the brands we work with MUST be good for people and the planet; otherwise, there is no point. We don't sell products or brands that use chemicals and crap that you cannot pronounce or that do harm to people or the planet. The current problem is that foods like these are not as easily discoverable, accessible, or affordable to the average person. So our goal is to make them discoverable, accessible, and affordable to everyone so that these buying choices we make every day (whether we like it or now EVERYONE must eat) will go towards making a really important change to our current U.S. food system and doing good for people and the planet. I hope that helps to explain things a bit better.

Corina · 60d ago

What a great idea. I tried to get access to the bootstrapped feedback but it still tries to charge me $99. My free trial for Shopify is finally over and I am now paying $23 a month for that. I also am using my family's personal money to make things happen for my business and have been running on about $130 in my bank account until today when my husband got paid so now we can restock on groceries for our family again. So I am not sure how to prove that I am in fact qualified for this particular service. Is there anything I can do? Thanks for the great initiative and I appreciate your offers to the community.