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CalebNdunda · 20d ago

Get idea basics- track down a co-founder - draw paper draft - make visual Mockups - find product market fit incredibly fast- make a landing page and domain purchases - conduct customer interviews - submit idea for pitch competitions - contact relevant investors - make a no-code MVP - launch - publish on major media channels - get beta users - conduct customer interviews - set up a location and get into business . Does this make sense to you?

CalebNdunda · 25d ago

Hi, mind giving more information about exactly what you are building?

CalebNdunda · 26d ago

I watched your video and it is impressive how you take someone through what you are doing with Murmur. The platform looks great and quite easy to use but I'm gonna be honest with you. Have you ever found yourself glued to a youtube ad that was to last 3 seconds but you kept wanting it to go on and on? Like Grammarly video ads or Masterclass ads for example? I feel like that is what is lacking from your video. I found myself drifted away from viewing your video throughout the video duration and although I would have loved to see more of what you are doing, the energy in your video is kind of low. I do not feel enthusiasm in your voice as you talk about murmur. Please consider sourcing for someone to do a nice voice over for your video with some cool energetic music on the background and a more livelier voice that keeps the viewer engaged throughout your video. Everything else is perfect though and I like the colour choice in your landing page.