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Have you ever tried AlpineJS or MoonJS? I've seen them both compared to Vue but I don't think either of them have that same magic.

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I put it off for a while but that unchecked box got to me one night so decided to go for it laying in bed. I really like those logic puzzles and I've always prided myself in doing well with that type of logic. I drifted off with Hulu in the background and my laptop on my lap. I woke up enough to realize I was taking a timed test and tried to rush through the second half... Now I'm just embarrassed and I wish I didn't do it at all, at least until I was ready to sit down, focus, and actually do it right.

I'd kill to be able to wipe it out and re-do it but I let that empty checkbox get to me and I made a lapse in judgment... In other words, don't let checkbox OCD make the decision for you

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I'm glad to know it's in consideration. It makes sense. Many people avoid Monday or Friday meetings and so sales meetings tend to be on Tuesdays, and conferences, conventions, webinars, etc. seem to be on Thursdays.

That's my experience at least. I've only had 1 week without a conflict so far although admittedly I had 2 weeks where I was just in a good flow that I didn't want to interrupt.

Regardless, I'm hoping to be more mindful of scheduling so I can attend more regularly moving forward. The pioneer meetings are very cool.