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Blake · 347d ago

"More alarming is that almost all my interviews mentioned some distrust of HR-mandated tools at some point." -

This jumped out at me - and this is a valueprop to any HR - "Guys, no one trust your mandates, look at these surveys/studies" -

To me, your natural partner is an analytics tool - much harder to dismiss "lack of cooperation" and much easier to force ownership when you have objective numbers that prove it. Then you can show how your solution makes those numbers better - nice thing about this is you can ask them how they measure progress and now you have a common language (this is the part when you aren't doing something that scales but are figuring out your position, like you mentioned)

(Probably presumptuous of me to answer this but I saw it and something stuck out and I honestly didn't feel like trying to trace down a better place to write it, since I was already here. Just in case they don't get to it in the livestream )

Blake · 348d ago

Do you know any companies that actually fit the startup definition of truly exponential growth in Public Safety. (Fire, Ems, even Police)? There are companies, even big companies in the space but nothing that fits the startup description.

One of my biggest challenges is finding examples that I can learn from. Stripe can teach me a lot about certain best practices but finding a fire/ems true startup would be so helpful.

Classic example - our SCBA's invented circa 1940. Fire service didn't adopt en mass until 1980's & 90s... So something as vital as BREATHING was resisted. Combine that with a fragmented industry with a government sales cycle, personally I'd rather just run into a burning building. (I have and prefer that experience)

I guess that's what it means to be a Pioneer - you're going to have to blaze a trail - but I'd like some map of the territory.

Probably not the best question to answer on the live stream but I'd love a response in any form.

Blake · 350d ago

People want 'faster' - games and other things are free all over the place. Time is the most valuable asset they have. Just a thought.

Blake · 350d ago

No - I don't understand - make it : PeerUp - Learn Faster, With Others

Blake · 357d ago

Dude - You're doing Pioneer for Veterans - that's awesome man! To me it's always been an injustice the lack of support our soldiers receive when they have to reintegrate as citizens, what you are doing is much more than simple flag waving, keep it up.

Blake · 370d ago

1 - I'll assume you are familiar with what discord is - but there may be some type of server for bloggers there, so it's a source of potential contacts
2 - Udemy is an online learning platform but many of their course have their own network/discord server - so if you find a course that is related to what you are doing, you can use that as a backdoor to finding more contacts...
3. This is about branding - They aren't learning to code, they are just plugging in what they need. Everyone knows how to copy and paste - there's a pioneer here that lets people setup email in javascript so the email happens directly from the javascript -

What you want to do is avoid any reliance of knowledge of SYNTAX - the way you do that is by making tutorials for the blogging platforms that people are going to use - (i don't know what they are but imagine this scenario)

"Setting up my platform on your website is easy, click the platform you use" (they click squarespace)

"SquareSpace setup" (I'm totally making this up btw)
1. Click - edit website
2. Click lower right, on the square icon - click advanced.
3. Click "View source"
4. You'll see a bunch of code DON'T WORRY YOU GOT THIS"
5. click anywhere and search for "javascript code 181 (basically you are looking for the area that it is safe to post in your plugin/code)
6. Click SAVE, and watch the magic!

Keys to remember here is you can do video walkthroughs, but you want your app/product to let them customize their specific things first, then you generate the code itself and show them how to paste it in. I'm really hoping this is applicable to what you are doing, give me a link if it isn't.

Blake · 372d ago

Hacks for learning this stuff -
1. Search for "skill discord forum reddit" - you'll find the places where people hang out - discord can work but you'll need to be patient, so have other work to do while waiting for responses -
2. Better hack - Go on Udemy or Skillshare (I've used udemy more) - And find a course that contains the discipline you're seeking. (like in your case, a CSS course perhaps.) Look for ones that have their own discord server -- if you are savvy and look through the questions that have been asked you'll see a way to ask what you want to know without going to any of the coursework (sorry udemy instructors :) ) saves a bunch of time because you find communities and contacts this way.
3. You don't need to find technical bloggers in my opinion-just regular bloggers, most bloggers will learn the technical components the way you tubers will learn video editing as a means to an end; but they will still know how to do it

Blake · 372d ago

Got as high as pushing top ten global at one point. I'll share my review -

"Even for a firefighter with domain expertise, it'll be difficult to make significant market progress. Your best bet at turning around that impression (likely shared by others) will be strong early adoption."

Not wrong by any means. But it did confirm a fear I've had and it means I have to ignore a large majority of traditional start of advice. My MVP needs to be much more than a typical startups MVP would - I won't be able to get a few users to iterate given what my product actually is. The fear was that yes I have to build a lot more than I originally thought was necessary.

Personally I'd rather run into a burning building then do sales in the public safety industry. (I HAVE run into a burning building - and prefer that experience markedly. But if it were easy, it would have already been done.

Blake · 389d ago

VR space has some colab products - BigScreen (or Bigscreen Beta as it was called) is a free on that does a great job of making you feel like you are watching a movie with someone.

It's funny you say "presence" because that was one of the first real buzzwords of VR when it kicked off again in 2014 - the sense that you are "there."

for non-VR Discord is, in terms of colab/team software, highly underrated - overlooked because of its focus on gaming. But screen sharing, voice/video channels, link sharing and automatic saving of any messages (you can easily find a discussion you had two years prior) - I think for the price, it's awesome.

Blake · 392d ago

If you haven't done any mindfulness training, I highly recommend you look into it. It makes dealing with the stress of all of this much more manageable.