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Atlas7 · 43d ago

Hi, Love to connect in May once our MVP is live. Built a marketplace for the best innovative & independent brands in Outdoors, Food, Style and Protective Gear (Masks etc.) - think of us as a "shoppable" magazine that we curate.

As we are a double sided market, we have the sellers (amazing makers - see our IG @makersfinders) and "seed" buyers / finders (our friends who are photographers / influencers / creators / chefs etc.) so discussing automating user acquisition is of interest, and we have access to different segments of users through our influencers.

Posting now, so we can connect even though I am not ready to until we launch the MVP end of April / early May.

Again to get a sense of the level of maker we are curating, go to our insta @makersfinders - currently our website has a gate / no access, just a sign up page. Have a great day

Atlas7 · 55d ago

A very interesting article. Admittedly a bit of a mind bender to start.

Atlas7 · 55d ago

This is a great article. thank you for sharing it.

Atlas7 · 55d ago

Good points.

Atlas7 · 57d ago
Atlas7 · 58d ago

Thank you ! will read this.

Atlas7 · 120d ago

Great recommendation. Hmmm... a resource to grow a community -- one lo fi approach is a newsletter that is published consistently (how Glossier started and Business of Fashion, as examples).