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AdrianEGarcia · 415d ago

That's a great clear description, Thanks!

AdrianEGarcia · 418d ago

What is the traffic source? Sometimes I will get bot traffic from sites trying to advertise their "traffic volume" services and it sounds like what you experienced. If you had Google Analytics enabled, you could sort out the source via "Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium". If the source is something like traffic4free or whatever, it's bots.

If not, then I am not sure. However, you should make that orange button MUCH larger and make it yellow (just my opinion, based on some Y-combinator talks I've seen that mention that particular color as "eye-catching".

When reading the text, I thought that you might be making bash scripts based off of common strings of command line prompts that I have to use and letting me easily execute that. That sounded cool, but not compelling enough to get me to use. However, after watching the video.... I am not sure, but I do not think I would be in your target market as I am not a hard core backend dev.

AdrianEGarcia · 447d ago

I didn't receive notifications to vote last week, but that may be because I'm new. I see that this upcoming week, I have a chance to vote. I was pleasantly surprised to receive great feedback on my first update.

I saw there is a 200 point limit for back to back updates? Did you maybe hit your point limit?

AdrianEGarcia · 452d ago

Yes, without a doubt, but don't get lost in the minutiae of brand color wheels.

Logo: Just pick some 1-2 nice colors you like and run with it.

Website: As long as things are readable, just roll with it for now. Once you start pulling in 10k hits/mo., you can A/B test different color schemes.