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Aden · 447d ago

Asana and Slack. Works well with different levels of project output.

Aden · 449d ago

Shared. Thanks for sharing!

Aden · 453d ago

Following this thread.

Have been considering Stripe Atlas for incorporation but am concerned about a few details:

(1) Cost issues - Stripe Atlas is quite costly and doesn’t match the needs of bootstrapped startup models.

(2) Post incorporation support and assistance - extent of legal support and guarantees post incorporation isn’t confirmed.

(3) Present reputation amongst local authorities: Stripe is a popular service but how well it aligns with the local regulatory authorities isn’t clear, especially to international founders.

Will consider Stripe as these details become more clear to the general public.

Aden · 459d ago

By recognising when you’re feeling like your moods control your decisions. A strategy must always be separate from one’s temperaments.

That being said, communities and networking groups are incredibly helpful. Am personally expanding my network at the moment.

Aden · 459d ago

I’m here to celebrate the deep tech product development for their sheer effort. Coming from a low code background for my own project and considering a move into A.I., for some aspects, I recognise the importance and deep value of the work being done here.

Aden · 459d ago

I couldn’t agree more. Anyone who attempts to believe otherwise can look at the countless startups that have failed over time - so many of them have done so simply because they overestimated different aspects of product development.

At the same time, they messed up their service delivery too. Betting on a future built entirely on a product which isn’t well developed, a service which isn’t of quality and hoping for funds doesn’t work.

Aden · 459d ago

At the moment, I am not doing either, unless they translate into direct sales.

Look at the tracking from a sales perspective. Are you looking to track them simply for data or to track conversion ratings?

Aden · 459d ago

I personally believe that branding can come with time. Here’s a great example:

Back in 1998, Google was hardly a brand upon launch.

When Google was first deployed onto the web, the first thing that Larry Page did was spend all night identifying errors in the code for correction the next day.

Today, Google is a multibillion dollar conglomerate.

Product always comes before marketing.

Aden · 460d ago

My business is not U.S. registered. I’m recommending Brex because a contact works there - speak to the team if you have any questions to ask.

Aden · 460d ago

Read the post again - you’re obviously missing the point from the get go.