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A-James · 16h ago

Be advised to go and read about the main objective and ethos of Pioneer. This community is not meant for people like you, who are desperately looking for cheap ways of getting unmerited recognition. For your information, I am not here to run a rat-race with you or anyone in this community. I am here to build my ideas, while helping others to build their ideas as well. Best wishes.

A-James · 17h ago

It is very obvious in your choice of words and ill-manner of communication that you are the only one in this noble Pioneer community who is confused and devoid of understanding about our project and this post "Request for Your Participation in the UPM Product Survey". If you are unclear about anything in this great community, learn to ask polite, constructive and edifying questions, and you will be properly enlightened. If you don't know the meaning of "Survey", please ask https://www.google.com/ instead of vomiting derogatory and destructive hate speech in a sane community like this.