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@WOlefile · 5d ago

I agree, It's better to spend 6 months grinding and improving the product, get user traction so much that investors will actually come to you than cold emailing them. You'll be in a better position to negotiate the deal then

@WOlefile · 9d ago

Interesting, can you describe the rejection process, signs to look out for? Spending 8 weeks just to learn you are rejected doesn't seem like a smart way to spend project time. is it email...? do they contact you before rejection...? etc. that kind of stuff

@WOlefile · 12d ago

Okay, fair enough... they didn't make or break the deal though, just something nice to have , investment locked up for 2 years... You never know the gains that can happen in crypto currency in 2 years

@WOlefile · 13d ago

Okay fair enough, a year doesn't sound that bad...

@WOlefile · 13d ago

How long do those credits take to expire anyway?

@WOlefile · 29d ago

Hi Sam... Did you win and become a Pioneer?

@WOlefile · 44d ago

I meant when people upvote/downvote your project.. i know it varies. But just the max you can get or lose